Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silly Rabbit...

Well I decided before the Easter weekend officially hit us I definitely wasn't going to blow all the hard work I have been doing so I'm treating myself to one Cadbury Cream Egg.  Was it tough? Not really only because I'm not a huge chocolate fan. If an easter bunny was carved out of a salt lick that would be another story.....a bag of bunny shaped chips and I would have lost
I picked the cream egg as my indulgence because to me that is what reminds me of my basket on easter mornings as a kid, and they usually only come out this time of year, so why not?
They really aren't that bad for you......I have seen wayyyy worse things I could be treating myself with.....a hamburger & poutine from Harvey's for example (mouth is frothing at the thought)

On that note I would like to wish everyone a nice long relaxing weekend, as I know some of my readers don't celebrate Easter. This weekend for me went/goes as follows:

  • Good Friday - Dinner @ Grandma's with my side of the family
  • Saturday - Work till 6pm then "treat dinner" with the hubby
  • Easter Sunday - Dinner @ hubby's parents house
  • Easter Monday - work till 8pm
I wish I could have had the 4 days off with my husband, and son but that's what happens when you work in retail. The store really only closes 6 days out of the whole year.


On Tuesday that just passed, I went for my walk/jog as usual but at the end of this one when I logged it, I decided to look at my past and see how I measured up.
I can't believe what a difference a couple of months makes!!! I cut almost 1 1/2 minutes off my time per kilometre, and I walked farther....this might not be a big deal, but to me it shows progress!

What also shows progress is the smaller clothes that I have to buy because of my weight loss. Now don't get me wrong, this is an amazing feeling, but it sure hurts the pocket book.
I FINALLY purchased a pair of jeans, but they probably will only last me a month so I'm trying to find good deals. I also bought some shirts and running gear at Old Navy which were a great price.

My dressers, and walk in closet are finally done and devoid of all the "FAT" clothes (well I'm still in fat clothes, but the "not as fat"  I donated 7 garbage bags full of stuff. I even got my hubby in the action, he's also lost about 30 lbs to date.

On the food front this week, I pretty much kept it at the same pace. I did try something new though, the Strawberry Yogurt Parfait at Tim Hortons. Now I hate yogurt A LOT....and I usually eat cottage cheese for my snack between breakfast and lunch. Well the other day I forgot it in the fridge, and then when I got to work and noticed it was gone I was pissy cause it messed up my routine. The mall has NOTHING healthy to grab for a snack, so one of my coworkers suggested the parfait. I hummed and hawed about this for a minute cause I didn't want to take one bite and then toss it.
It is actually not half bad, but it is still way higher in the carb/sugar department then I would like to have for a snack, but I guess it was better than eating nothing. At least now I have an option when I'm out and about to pick up something semi healthy and not feel guilty.

Another healthy thing that I incorporated into my meals 3 times this week was Pico De Gallo. Those that know me well, knows that I LOVE mexican food. There is this restaurant called Acapulco Delight that I used to eat at once a week. They have some amazing pico, and sometimes it was so hot that it was painful eating it (and flaming hoop know TMI)
Well I tried making it this week (not as hot though) and it was a true masterpiece. It kept well in the fridge all week. I put it on my scrambled eggs one morning for breakfast, on a quesadilla for lunch, and a steak for dinner, through out the week. It is super tasty, and soooooooo low in fat and calories. Basically it's just a homemade salsa.

Pico De Gallo

4 plum tomatoes, finely chopped
1 white onion, finely chopped
2-3 jalapeno peppers, seeded & finely chopped (leave seeds in for more heat)
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped
1-2 tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed
Salt to taste
Mix everything in a bowl and put in fridge for a minimum of 1 hour for flavours to blend.

Now on to the weigh in.......

This week my official weight is now 253.4lbs . That is a total loss of 1lb. I am averaging 10 lbs a month. Not too bad, and completely healthy. I feel good, really good. I am also proud of myself for sticking it out. I am a little disappointed that I didn't make my goal yet.....I am sooooo close. I will make it before my May 1st deadline though, that I know for sure.

Current Weight: 253.4lbs (-29.6)

Chest: 44" (5")
Waist: 40" (5")
Hips: 53" (3.5")
Left Arm: 16" (1.5)
Right Arm: 15 1/2" (1.5")
Left Thigh: 32" (2.5")
Right Thigh: 32" (2.5")

That makes my total inches lost this week: 1/2"

Grand Total: 21 1/2"
* grand total for each in parenthesis *

Until next week, here's to finally hitting my 1st goal, making a new one, and FINALLY getting my new kicks!!!!

 "Chocolate: The poor man's champagne" Daniel Worona

Please don't forget about my shoe poll in the top right of my blog. The deadline is next week for the fav color.

Also please don't forget I am doing a 5K walk on June 12th for JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations, please sponsor me, so far I have raised $65.....


  1. mmmm that pico looks good! ps i really like both shoe colours i really cant pick a favourite i just voted purple because its my fave colour of the moment but the lime ones are really cool too... im torn...

  2. I just came across your blog and I love it! I've lost 76 pounds so far and I can completely relate to the clothes thing. It's so annoying buying clothes that you aren't going to be able to wear very long b/c you plan on losing more. ANYWAYS, this is random but if you have a P.O. box or anything I would be more than willing to send you some of my old clothes to help you get through! I've given several things away to friends, but I was thinking about doing a giveaway on my page and if you could wear them I would happily mail them along:) my email is

  3. Your blog is gorgeous. And you are doing SO well. And you sound really proud of your achievements so far...thank you so much for linking up to my Fat to Fit Blog Hop

    next week I am changing it up a little, so I'd love it if you could link up again next week?

    Lucy x

    (PS I just became your newest follower!)


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