Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Challenge

OK so yesterday my Aunt Sheila decided to give me a shout. She lives about 3 hours away and I don't see her often, but she is definitley my #1 supporter (other than my man) in the family.

Anyways she called because she was concerned about my previous post.. She has always been there for me in anything that I do or need support in. Well talk about a motivating speech she gave me on the phone last night. Then to top it all off she left me with something to tell my hubby...

"You tell Dan that he needs to buy you something, but keep it a secret, and then present it to you after you lose 20 pounds and can PROVE it with the scale"

So after I got off the phone with her, I called my husband upstairs and told him what Aunt Sheila said.

His response?

"I accept her challenge (with accent and finger pointed up in the air) but lets make it 30 pounds, so you really have to work for it. When you reach 210 lbs you can have it."

So I guess I better get my ass in gear.....

Did I ever tell you I HATE SUPRISES......

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Missing : Motivation

You know.....mojo, action, catalyst, drive, fire under my ass

I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary and I'm letting it slip all away. In one year the most I lost was 63 pounds. Now that may seem like a great accomplishment but that was as of October. I probably could have lost another 30-40 pounds by now.

Instead I have put back on damn near 20.

I mean it goes on fast when you aren't working out or giving a shit what you eat.

I'm not gonna lie, I have enjoyed every minute of stuffing my face, but now I am "facing" the reality.

Why have I done or "undone" this to myself? I'm still fitting in my 16-18 pants and my "L" shirts but I don't look as tight and don't feel as peppy.

I have officially fallen off the wagon, and I guess it was only a matter of time. I have said I need to get back into my grove, and attempted it a few weeks ago and lost 8 pounds, only to give up and gain it back. 

I also have been neglecting my blog and you my followers. 


I mean life gets in the way, I get it....but I haven't made excuses up until now so why start. I guess realizing it now before I undo all the hard work I have put in, in the last year is a start. I don't want the last year to go to waste, so at least I can say I have lost some weight, and I need to lose more.

I have all the proper tools, I just need to get to work.

You know the rule, it takes 28 days (or something like that) to start a habit. So here's to Day #1 of starting over again. 

I'm 238 pounds and 219 was my lowest in October. This is my first "mini" goal, to get back to that. Then I will go from there. 

I posted this note on the wall at work above my desk to remind me......

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My New Year's Promise

Ok so I have something I really want to share with you guys. It's called My New Year's Promise and it's an AMAZING idea put together by a company called 3Gyros. This company sells zero calorie salad dressings....yes I said zero....Zero Calories, Zero Fat, Zero Sugar & Zero Carbs....what could be better than that....other than the fact that you can use them to marinate meat too....lol

3Gyros is a company that started in my hometown. They recognize weight loss challenges, and so they decided to do something about it. On top of the great dressings they offer, they decided to give something back to the community and I want you guys to benefit from it as well, and that's why I'm here today.

The best part about all this......IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREEEEEE!!!!!!

and before you ask, no I am not getting compensated for this post or any of my opinions. The only thing I'm getting out of this is HEALTHY. That's it.

Ok so back to the program......

My New Year's Promise has a blog and also a facebook page. It is a program with people that are there to support you on your journey to a healthy weight.....and they are there EVERYDAY. I have commented on both the blog and facebook page and have gotten amazing responses....and not just one liners. These ladies are serious and are there to help and support you.

Please let me introduce them......
*bio's taken from facebook page

This is Sarah. She is taking the journey to get healthy with you. She posts a video blog EVERYDAY, and is committed to this program. She's a mom of 3 and she dedicates herself to assisting others.

This is Angela. She is an award winning certified chef, and a nutritionist who travels all over the world teaching people how to cook and eat healthy. Angela posts a weekly meal plan designed by her that you can print out and follow. She also breaks it down into a shopping list to make it easy.

Next up is Krista. This woman is the devil.....lol....she seriously knows how to kick some butt and whip yours into shape at the same time. She is an Olympic champion who runs a very successful fitness gym, and is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. Krista posts a new routine weekly, and I'm not gonna lie it's TOUGH.

and last but certainly not least is Kiki. She is the gluten free guru, who specializes in foods related to celiac disease.

Since I started back into my routine and My New Year's Promise last week I am officially down 8 pounds. Sarah herself is down 3. This is no joke it really works. It's just healthy eating, working out, and getting support. No pills, No gimicks. This is what I have been promoting since Day 1 of my blog.

You guys need to head over to the website and join. All the meal plans, and workouts are there from the previous week, so you can start right away. Make sure you head over to their facebook page and click like. They post tons of tips and trick on there as well.

I promise you won't be sorry.

Remember it's free.  These people are dedicating their time to you and me just to help people get healthy. Thanks 3Gyros, and thanks Sarah, Angela, Krista & Kiki. It's people like you that I'm going to remember helping me make a change in my life for the better. All I need is a little help, support, and fresh ideas. You guys have managed to target all 3.

I have a lot of regular bloggers out there that are looking to get healthy, and you know who you are ;)
Please check this program out, and I want feedback. You know I love your comments, and opinions. They are what keep me going!!!
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