Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pick My Brain

Hi my fav peeps, I'm looking to start a new feature called "Pick my Brain: Q & A with Bonnie" and for this I need you as my readers to send me some questions that you would like answers to. It can be about anything, for real. I will not hold back. You can ask about my blog, weight loss, personal life etc. I get random questions from time to time in my comments sections, but I hardly ever answer them because how many people actually come back to the same post to see if I did. I think this is also a great way for you as my readers to see who I am as a real person, and not from the blog world. You may post any questions in the comment section below or email them to me. I am hoping to answer at least 2-3 a week depending on how many questions I receive.

Come on people Pick My Brain!!!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mental Monday's

Welcome to my weekly blog installment called Mental Monday's. A day for me to bitch about something without putting it into my regular posts. You are warned. These posts I don't hold back, and sometimes involves a lot of swearing.

.....feel free to add any bitches of yours into the comment section!!!

This week I am talking about Great Moments of Dumbness......

1. Baby Cage: This was invented in 1939. People would put babies suspended in a wire cage attached to the outside of a high rise window over busy streets. Can we say CRAZY???. I immediately have flashbacks of the Michael Jackson incident (may he R.I.P) 

2. Car Lashes: Please tell me why you would do this to your ride? This looks ridiculous, and the fact that my car would have better lashes than me ain't gonna happen. What's next tits, and a g-string? I hope the designers don't read this, wouldn't want to give them any ideas.

3. Rear Gear: No more Mr. Brown Eye.....really is this your slogan?. I am all for creative ideas and a way to make money, but this??? Why are you staring at your dogs ass so much anyways that it really bothers you that much to invent this. What's next, Human Gear for when our husbands take us doggy style???

4. Lipstick Mask: If you are a grown up and cannot apply lipstick without using this contraption then:

  • You shouldn't own any kind of makeup at all
  • You should keep all kinds of sharp/pointy objects away from your face
  • You should seek professional help immediately
Since when are all lips "one size fits all" anyways????

5. USB Dildo: I'm all about having some alone/private time at home, but that would be the day that I stick something in my hoo haw that is plugged into anything....and you have to use your computer software to control it. Seems like way to much work for me. I like things simple and fast, you know the saying "Get in & Get out" that works for me, and it seems perfect for this add (if you know what I mean...lol)

6. Wine Glass Holder: I love me some wine, Pinot Grigio to be specific. If anyone ever showed up in my house with one of these I would immediately kick them the fuck out. How embarrassing that an adult can't even hold onto their glass. I know some of you will probably think that this is a great idea at a party so you can free up your hands to eat. Guess you won't ever be coming to a party at my house then!!!

7. The Dragon Rainspout: This is the strangest thing I have ever seen unless you live in a dungeon, have a castle surrounded by a moat, or are just plain fucked. This dragon looks like it's throwing up. Why on earth would you want something like this attached to your downspout? Trying to frighten the neighbourhood children? I would use this though just around Halloween, but only then, just sayin'

8. Hat Hair: Really guys, some bald men are super sexy. Why would you resort to this, and on top of that giving woman false hope? The guys that are married or have girlfriends don't wear these because we already know they are bald and we love them anyways. It's the ones that are trying to pickup that sport this shit. Then what? Do you think your gonna leave the hat on forever and we will never find out? What happens when we go back to the room for shower sex??? I mean please your sideburns don't even match the hair on the hat, did ya think we didn't notice???

9. Butter Stick: WOW carrying around butter in my purse has never been so convenient. If  I ever crave it on the go I can just have a quick lick and I'm all set.......This is fucking retarded

10. Magic Wand Remote Control: For all you Harry Potter fans out there, now you can feel like your in control....well at least of your tv. I have a hard enough time keeping my kid away from the remote let alone giving him a reason to be in front of the tv all day. This is a real thing and it actually works, if your interested check out The Wand Company.

Hope you enjoyed....Have a great week everyone!!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome Back Laptop

Well hello my fav readers!!!!......I'm finally on vacation for the next 9 days, so I just may have a bit more time to blog this week. (2 posts just today already!)

Not to mention that my 6 month old MacBook ($1600) crapped out on me (the hard drive broke) and I lost everything on my laptop. I was devastated, and yes I actually shed a tear. I had it repaired under warranty (hence this posting....lol) I also have it hooked up to the Apple Time Machine now so it is performing daily backups.

On to my week......

This week I worked. That's it.

Dan and I had a great date night last Saturday, then spent the day with the Dad's for Father's Day on the Sunday and that was it. I know my life is pretty boring sometimes. I did take some fab new pics of myself though on date night.....lol

Where's the double chin?

Sexy Specs!

On the patio at The Keg (Detroit River in background) 
My "other" dinner guest

Caesars Windsor (Casino)

Punch Drunk Love

Musik Express....fav ride ever

Gilligan's Lemonade (only comes once a year)

Cherry Lemonade.....it's amazing

1st full body shot in forever

Drunk in the bathroom after date night....lol

This week on the weight loss "adventure" wasn't too bad. I drank a ton of water with my new Starbucks Clear Tumbler (I have a water bottle fetish, I spoke about it in an earlier blog) I also ate very well. I'm down this week, but not enough. I just can't seem to break this addiction to the 240's. I am right on the cusp people. There is noooooo way I'm not going to get into the 230's by next Saturday. 
7 more pounds till I get my rollerblades, not sure if I'm looking to forward to those though. Nothing worse than seeing a fat girl blading around the neighbourhood.....lol
Not that I really give a shit, if that's what it takes for me to lose some poundage then so be it!

My official weigh in for this week is 240.0 lbs. That's a 1.2 lbs loss from last week. I was naked when I weighed myself too....I tried so damn hard to even get 239.8....but to no avail. So there it is, in alllll it's glory. Say goodbye cause this is the last time that I will see a 240 anything on this scale!

Since I'm on vacation this week, I'm really going to try to work hard at my weight loss to see if I can make up for the last few shitty weeks. I only have a month and a bit left till my goal of 225.

Wish me luck people.....I think I'm gonna need it....lol

Till next week, here is to FINALLY getting into my 230's, having a nice relaxing week off of work, and enjoying my free time with my family!!!

B.Y.O.C on Saturday???

It’s Friday Saturday so that means it’s BYOC day – Bring Your Own Crazy….to questions we all answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!

1.  What’s your favorite room in your house?

This is a tough one. I want to say my kitchen because it was just remodelled and it looks amazing with the granite. Then I want to say my bedroom because that's where all the magic happens ;) 
I guess I would have to say our family room. It has an amazing stone fireplace wall which is glorious in the winter, and a 60 inch plasma screen tv. This is where we cuddle on the couch and have family movie night every Sunday. I couldn't ask for anything more.

2.  Picture question (or describe if you don't have a camera).  Show us a pic of your current favorite earrings!

These are my fav at the moment. I love white gold or silver jewelry. I don't get a chance to wear these to often cause they are so big, but I love them!!! 

3.  What’s your dress code at work? If you stay at home and went back to work outside the home, what dress code would you prefer?

I have to wear a shirt with my companies logo on it, with black/grey dress pants and black dress shoes. In the summer I can wear capri's if I want. 
I don't mind having a uniform as it keeps me from figuring out what I'm going to wear on a daily basis. It was like when I was in high school, I loved having a uniform.
The only drawback is that I only get 1 free shirt a year and the rest I have to buy, and since I'm loosing weight it is costing me a fortune in replacement shirts.

Laying down on the job!

4.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Blogland was quiet for me this week as I was without my laptop. I am trying to catch up on my posts, and reading/commenting on my favourite blogs. Don't worry people I am back!!!

Real Life was just as quiet. I don't have anything interesting to blog about. This happens to everyone from time to time. I don't think there is anything wrong with a quiet week. This week I am on vacation though so hopefully I have lots more to talk about next week. I had a loss of 1.2 lbs. Little but a loss none the less. You can read more about my week in the next post.

Have a great weekend people!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mental Monday's

Welcome to my weekly blog installment called Mental Monday's. A day for me to bitch about something without putting it into my regular posts. You are warned. These posts I don't hold back, and sometimes involves a lot of swearing.

.....feel free to add any bitches of yours into the comment section!!!

This week I have decided to do a Human Bodies theme......

1. Artificial Meat made from Human Excrement: You know what excrement is right? Excrement = SHIT. That's right readers meat made from shit. I cannot even believe someone is trying this. 
A Japanese researcher says his country has more sewage mud than they can handle, so he came up with a turd burger. He discovered sewage mud contains a great deal of protein so he began developing a process of extracting that protein and turning it into a meat substitute. GROSS.....what a way to cut down on the grocery bill.....

Low on meat?....just go take a shit.
2. Human Apes: Please tells me why would you do this to yourself? Do you think you look good? How is a woman supposed to make love to you when you look like this? This is completely disgusting, and probably not healthy. Your body isn't supposed to look like this, your lucky if your muscles don't blow up. Your an idiot.

3. Piercing Necklace: I don't even know what to say, but what I do know is if I WAS going to do this, you better believe it would be with diamonds. Try giving this guy a hickey.....

4. Subdermal Implants: All I can say is OMG. These are horrifying, and painful looking. I am all about tattoo's & piercings in moderation, but putting giant pieces of metal under your skin? OK I'm not gonna lie, I seen a star one that was kinda cute, but brass knuckles? on the chest of a woman? This one thinks she's a classy bitch, but she has nooooo idea.

5. Facebook Friends Tattoo: So this girl decides to get 152 of her closest friends pics that are on Facebook tattooed all over her arm. What happens when their profile pics change? Or even worse when they stop being friends? Does she not realize that this is forever? Who the hell in their right mind would do something so stupid......I vote this as "Dumbest Tattoo of the Year"

6. Breast feeding Animals: I still can't get over this pic, no matter how hard I try. I find it disturbing. Why would the thought even cross your mind to do this? Oh look Bambi must be hungry, here let me whip out my tit and give it some milk....are you kidding me?

7. Nail Lady: Please tell me how this woman cooks, cleans, how about wipes her ass??? Why would this even be something you would want to achieve. God forbid if she gets mad and starts pointing a finger at you, she'd poke your damn eye out. I also want to know how she teases her hair so much...the 70's called they want their hair back....this is not a hair bump to be proud of, and hellooooo tan much???

8. Jocelyn Wildenstein: This woman is 71 years old. In an attempt to stay young she has spent over 4 million dollars on plastic surgery. HOLY FUCK she is scary looking. This is one chick that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I don't care how much money she has, no doctor should have ever done this. They should have their medical license taken away. I would sue just to get my money back......even Joan River's looks better, and she's no prize.

9. Scarification Tattoos: I can't even imagine the pain you must go through to get this done. I have a tattoo, and that was done with needles, but to have a layer of your skin removed to produce a picture or design of some kind???? WOW you really are a FREAK to the 3rd degree. At least with an ink tattoo you have the option of removal....

10. Elf Ears: Do we live in a fantasy world? Are these people on drugs? Why the fuck would you do this to yourself??? This isn't World of Warcraft people, get real.....I think people get too obsessed with something and take it wayyyyy to far. Not cute at all, I don't care what anyone says.....You are not the illegitimate child of Mr. Spock

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! I hope I left you speechless as to what people are doing with their bodies in this world. Crazy huh???

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Results, Plateaus & George

First off I want to say Happy Father's Day Weekend to all my readers dad's, the dad's that read my blog, and of course my father, where there are not enough words to describe. I love you Daddy......

Sexy @ Sixty

I would also like to wish my husband Dan a Happy Father's Day too...he may not be my father, but he is one hell of one to our son. I couldn't have picked a better man to pro-create with!

Ok so now on to the results.......

Eureka!!!!.......the doctors finally figured out what the hell is wrong with me.

Turns out it wasn't my heart at all, it was my esophagus. I have a hiatal hernia.
Can it be fixed? Nope, I will always have it.
Can they perform surgery on it? Nope, it's too dangerous where it's at.
I have to take medication for it, and that's all. It will always be there, but at least I know what it is, and it's not my heart.

Now that, that has been settled I can get on with my life and hopefully treat these pains in my chest.

This week I have been consistent with my exercise, my water intake, and my eating. I think I have finally hit the dreaded plateau. I weigh myself everyday. I know some of you despise doing this, but it helps me to stay on track. My weight has fluctuated between 242 and 247 all week. It is driving me nuts.

I am still keeping my spirits up, and have a good attitude but GAWDDDD......this is annoying. I figured it was going to happen eventually, but maybe not so soon.

Tonight the hubby and I are going out for date night (in-laws have Adam overnight). We are going out to a steakhouse called The Keg for dinner, then who knows after that. What I do know is what I WON'T be doing....the mattress mambo. Damn "George" appeared last night and is putting a damper on my date. Going off the pill is tough. My body has no schedule anymore and just does what it wants. Does anyone else have this problem?

This week I have officially lost 1.4 lbs. I know it's not much, but it's the first loss in 2 weeks, so hopefully by next week I will FINALLY be in my 230's, and not retaining water due to my visitor George. YAYYYYYY for almost 2 lbs.....(insert happy but sarcasm voice here)

my feet look so tanned.....lol

It has been awhile since I have posted my stats for inches lost so I figured I would throw it in today....

Current Weight: 241.2lbs (-41.8lbs)

Chest: 42" (7")
Waist: 39" (6")
Hips: 51" (5.5")
Left Bicep: 16" (1.5")
Right Bicep: 15" (2")
Left Thigh: 30" (4.5")
Right Thigh: 30" (4.5")

Grand Total: 31"
*grand total for each in parenthesis*

This week looks promising for me as I am determined to get into the 230's....I am going to break this plateau. I have one more week of work then I'm on vacation for 9 days. I am sooooo in need of a relaxing week. We have a Detroit Tigers Baseball game planned, and then Dan is going to see U2 in concert. Then we have the annual Fireworks show (biggest in North America) where over 1 million people show up. Can wait to post pics for you all!

Another thing I am looking forward to is my GIVEAWAY.....I have been in contact with a company, and they are sending me 2 of their amazing products. 1 for me to review & 1 for a giveaway.....Your just gonna have to wait and see what it is. As soon as I receive it I will announce the giveaway.....so exciting!!!!!......give you a hint, it involves exercise and sweating....lol

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!
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