This is a selection of random photo's from my life. Most of them I am overweight. I have been a plus size woman since about 1998. I don't have many full body pictures as I preferred head shots due to my weight. I am looking to start taking more "full body" pictures of myself for this blog.  I will be posting new ones regularly, and you can find the info underneath the photo itself.
(Please do not copy or distribute any of these photos before getting my permission.)

63 pounds gone forever..... (October 2011)

283lbs to 223lbs....60lbs gone!

55 lbs gone...going out for my 10 year wedding anniversary

46 lbs gone @ hotel getting ready for date night

43 lbs gone....1st full body shot in forever (June 2011)

40 lbs gone.....

20 lbs gone.....

Adam & I   2010

Dan & I standing in a wedding 2009

African Lion Safari 2009

Mexico 2008

Dan & I at a wedding in 2008

Mexico 2008

Our Wedding 2001

Our Wedding 2001

Skinny & Blonde @ 21

High School Cheerleader

When cake used to be my friend at age 4


  1. Cute bra and panty set! You can really see the weight loss in your waist -- really shrinking in. Great job!!

    P.S. I love that you've set up a reward system for yourself. I am ALL about this too. I can't wait to buy myself some Christian Louboutin shoes. :)

  2. Hi I just found your blog! It's so cute! How did you get your photos like that in your 1st picture?? I've been trying to make comparison pics for a while but I cant figure it out.

  3. you should proably put mexico 2008 side by side with your june 2011 pic! it blows my mind! amazing bonnie! i cant wait to keep tabs on you from england :)

  4. Girl you are lookin smoking hot!! GOOD JOB!

  5. look at that WAIST! girl. you've got a great body shaping up there! :)

  6. Bonnie if you don't mind me asking how tall are you, you look great even over 200 lbs!!

    also why does your best man have a sash on, and I see that your husband has one on too when you were in a wedding, I don't know this custom..


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