Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End of the World?

I'M ALIVE (transfusion not necessary).....just incase you don't know what's going on you can read my post

OK I may be exaggerating a little bit, but it is the end of 2011. According to the Mayan's that's another story though. Funny thing is that I wear a Mayan calender around my neck at least a couple of times a week.

So I guess this post should be about my Greatest Accomplishments, Funniest & Embarrassing Happenings, Made you Cry Moments, and Life in general.

Greatest Accomplishments:
  • February - Decided to change my life for the better and lose weight, and get healthy.
  • April - 20lbs down, my first official "Bra & Panty" comparison pic.
  • May - 1st goal reached.
  • June - 40lbs down, my second "Bra & Panty" comparison pic.
  • September - 10 years married....and yes I would classify this as an
  • September - Completed the C25K
  • October - Won $100 in a weight loss challenge
  • November - 60lbs down, my third "Bra & Panty" comparison pic.

Funniest/Embarrassing Moments:
  • April - My pants fell down on me at the gym when running on the treadmill
  • May - 1st day of owning an iPhone and this is what happens.....
  • December - This was funny, but scary at the same time when the damn Christmas Tree started smoking and almost caught fire.....Griswold Moment of the Year

Made You Cry Moments:

  • May - Trip to the Hospital, this was the beginning of a very stressful, unknown condition that carries on to this day. Lots of tests, medications, hospital visits, and it's still undiagnosed. There are speculations though.
  • July - I found a lump in my breast and had to schedule a mammogram.


  • June - The ducks in my yard. This made me smile for weeks. You never see stuff like this in my neighbourhood.
  • July - Adam pulls out his first tooth!
  • July - Made a list of words that mean EVERYTHING to me. I even use this as my desktop picture. I refer to it daily, and it helps me to keep focused.
  • October - Got a Big Girl Job!!!
  • November - Quit a Little Girl job and got rid of all the "little girls" that went with it. 
  • December - When Usher added me on Twitter

Well that pretty much recaps all the major things. The most important things though are my family, our health, and all my supporters (THAT MEANS YOU) in my life. That's all I need.

I am wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2012 bring you everything you hope it will, happiness, success, and all of that good stuff. For all of you watching your weight I hope this year brings you the strength to continue and just be happy and heathy.

Mark my words, this will be "MY LAST" fat New Year!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ok either I scared off all the male readers with the title of this post, or I attracted all the perverts.....probably the latter.....

Maybe I should have titled it Bloody Vagina.....hahahahahah

This post is about my neither regions. I am typing this from bed, and I am bleeding like a stuck pig. I have NEVER been like this before....EVER.

I am one of those women that roles my eyes when I hear a co-worker or any other female that bitches about having a bad time of the month, or the ones that take off 2 days every month cause "George" is visiting and they can't handle it.

I think I finally understand what they are going through. Mind you I didn't take any time off of work, and I have been drugging myself every 4 hours, but come on.....when will the bleeding end???

I feel like I'm being sucked dry by a vampire.....well maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing if it was this vampire.....

I would totally be staining those sheets right now

I am definitely keeping "Always" and "Tampax" in business this month, maybe I can invest in some stock options......change every 6-8 hours my about every hour on the hour like clockwork

Why am I not dead yet????

In case you feel like donating some blood I am O-

So thank you Period Gods....I apparently pissed you off for being on the pill so long that I decided to go "O'Natural" and this is how you repay me......18 years of period pain saved up until now, might as well chalk it up to labour cause it's getting close......

If you guys don't hear from me by Christmas, please say a prayer as I have probably bled to death.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is fast approaching

It's one week until Christmas Day, there is only a "light" dusting of snow (which is ok for me personally) and I finally finished my shopping.

Plus a few purchases for myself of course.....

no makeup
Now I neeeeed some snow to rock this hat, but I LOVE IT!!!!!

I also picked up some add to my collection of course

Yes they are a little understated but they are gonna look great with my new leopard print sweater

Size Large.....that's a long way from XXL
Ok I know your not supposed to buy yourself presents when shopping for other people, but why not? A sale, is a sale, is a sale I say....grab it when you can!!!

Anyways here is Adam's list for Santa this year, he is a spoiled brat, but he's my brat and the only one I have so he got everything on this list EXCEPT the iPad and he even wrote the 2 after it....I mean really??? What 6 year old writes

Speaking of my is a pic of him and the old man...I was laying on the couch and they both decided to lay on me and crush me to death...but not before I snagged this

Tomorrow is a holiday for my family when we celebrate our Slava. If your not sure what that is I will try to explain:

Every Serbian Orthodox family has a patron saint. Each family celebrates the feast day of their saint with a unique Serbian Orthodox religious tradition Krsna Slava, on the day when their ancestors were baptized (Serbians accepted Christianity by families and whole tribes). This same saint is the family's saint from generation to generation through the centuries. Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas) is my families patron saint which falls on December 19th

The Slava celebration includes:
• Icon of the family's patron saint, in this case, St. Nicholas
• A lighted candle, for Christ the Light of the World
• Slavsko zhito/koljivo, a boiled wheat dish, representing Christ's death and resurrection
• Slava bread (Slavski kolach), decorated with cross and seal, for Jesus Christ the Bread of Life
• Red wine, for Christ's precious blood that washes away sin
• A priest, who blesses the home and all present, offering prayers and the Thanksgiving Prayer (molieben) before the icon
Here is a pic of our icon St. Nicholas:

So with that being said there is about 30 people coming to my in-laws tomorrow and I need to spend the rest of the day today helping with the cooking and the preparation. One day this will be my responsibility as my husband is the oldest son so the tradition will pass down to him, then will pass down to our son.

This is definitely the worst time of the year to get back on track with my diet & exercise. God give me strength as I do not have any. This time last year I wasn't doing this, I didn't start till February.

On top of Slava, I still have Christmas & New Years to look forward to, then Christmas & New Years again because in our family we also celebrate the Old Calendar which is January 7th for Christmas & January 14th for New Years......I am realllllllly testing my willpower.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Friday I was driving into work after a light dusting of snow and I actually stopped to take a picture….there is something just so beautiful when the snow is untouched….it’s peaceful.

This put me in a great mood at work so I decided to take a picture at my desk for everyone to see how happy I was…….besides it was Friday and the weekend was almost here!

Then when I got home I told my husband to take a full body pic of me as I was feeling kinda fat and I wanted to see myself in my jeans…..

…not to bad, but I definitely still need some work

So THEN my weekend began with me waking up felling like a bag of shit. Now if I would have been partying up the night before, I would have at least had a reason, but noooooo I woke up with a sore throat and a nose that was so stuffed it was giving me a damn headache.

I literally went through a box of Kleenex in a afternoon.

Fun Fact for the day…..did you know that the nose produces 4 cups of snot each day??? That’s right folks what you don’t blow or sneeze out the rest you swallow….we are booger eaters no matter what…..

So I pretty much have spent my weekend off in bed….at least I got my Christmas cards done and my tree up…..wanna see???

Funny thing was I was sick LAST weekend too…..but I managed to go to the Christmas Parade with my family… is my little elf.

Fast Forward to today……I’m am sitting at my in-laws typing away, drinking lots of tea, and working on “word families” with my son….you know when you pick the ending “at” and then you have to write all the words that end in that….cat, rat, mat….etc.

It’s a lazy day, filled with nothing, nothing and more nothing and a little bit of laundry here and there. Hopefully calgon will show up and take me away somewhere… a white sandy beach, with crystal clear blue waters, and a hot naked man.

This week I plan on getting back on track full force, since I got wayyyyy off these past couple of months…..I think I needed it though.

I’m pretty sure I gained back about 8-10 pounds which really sucks, but hopefully my body will burn it off pretty fast since I have been kinda dormant for the last few months.

Here is to kicking it into high gear again, and getting back into my groove. Oh how I have missed being in a routine……

I will start posting my weigh in’s again once I get back to my lowest weight which was 219lbs… patient my friends I will be back there in no time!!!

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Monday, December 5, 2011


Do any of you guys use Twitter? Well I do, and sometimes I find it less stressful and dramatic as Facebook, you can follow me at @Bonnanza..... the other day I get a email saying Usher Raymond (you know the singer) is now following you.....EXCUSE ME?????

So at first I figured it was just a fake account, and someone was playing a joke. Apparently not. You see Twitter will place a checkmark on a validated account so you know it is the real person (they only do this for famous people). Did this Usher have a checkmark? You better believe

My Twitter profile pic must be working wonders......hahahaha

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fire.....well almost


I hear my husband screaming......

Holy shit the tree is smoking and I'm standing there like a fuckin' idiot not moving. I was paralyzed. I couldn't believe that this was happening.

Of course my 6 year old was standing right there to witness us yelling and swearing. So he chimes in with his cries of terror......or should I say cries of "I thought we were gonna decorate the tree tonight"

He could care less as long as we buy a new tree, and get to decorating, and then have a place for all the presents to go. That's fine I will make sure to take the $300 it's gonna cost me to replace the tree out of his "presents" fund......hahahaha

I mean all funny aside, this was scary as shit!!!!.....I'm glad it happened when we were putting up the tree. I never leave the tree on when we aren't at home, but what if we were all upstairs having dinner or something. This could have ended up a lot worse.

Now I have to go put up the lights outside......

Wish me luck!!!

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Monday, November 28, 2011


Opinions are like assholes......everyone has one

I really don't care what you think of me, or my lifestyle.

This rage has been pent up for sometime, and I feel I just need to vent. Quite a few people have opinions on my weight loss & how I'm doing it, or how "wrong" I'm doing it apparently.

  • You're eating too many carbs
  • You shouldn't have a cheat day
  • Your eating too late

Blah, blah, blah.........

I made this change for me.....not you, or anyone else. If I want to eat a fucking potato I will. If it takes me 2 years to lose all the weight, then so be it. So what if I don't reach one of my goals by the time I set it? I will just make a new goal and try harder.

You think this is easy?????

I need the love & support of ALL my family, friends and fellow bloggers.....

Don't tell me I'm doing great, and then in the same sentence tell me I need to change this, or that.....


Didn't your mamma tell you "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".....

Keep your damn mouth shut and leave me the hell alone.....I don't need that kind of support fuck you very much!

I'm down 63 pounds since February. So what if I'm 30 pounds behind my original goal of 10 pounds a  month. No one is perfect, I have had a stressful last few months. 


I am just going to continue on my adventure to ONEDERLAND and keep doing what I have been doing. That includes my cheat days, and carbs.

I will reach my goal eventually, whether your opinions are taken into consideration or not!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bonnie's Back!!!

As Jack Nicholson would say in the Shining, Heeerrrrrrre's Bonnie......ok fine it was Johnny but you get my drift.....

I'm back and here to don't expect me to be posting every day cause that ain't gonna happen. I will try to do my best in keeping you all updated on what's happening in my life.

Where do I start?

How about my resignation. I just quit a position (like within this week) with a telecommunications company that I loved and was with for 5 years. I'm hurt, but definitely tired of the politics/drama that is the Diva I was employed for. No training or qualifications that I earned while with this employer was ever going to help me move up. I was black marked and had a bulls eye on my back that just wouldn't go away. I was told that all the decisions that were made were business and not personal. Guess drinking with the boss after hours is a qualification with my employment that I wasn't aware of. In the last 3 months 4 people that were employed for the company for a minimum of 4 years has left. Do you see a trend here?

What I think I hated the most was that there were some people that I THOUGHT were my friends that I had worked with for years, only to find out that they were as fake & phony as Joan Rivers face.....and we all know how real that is.......

I could write so much more on this subject but I am so drained that I don't have it in me.

Fortunately for me when this was all going down I was found by my new employer. Within 24 hours I was interviewed twice, and offered a job. I kept the above mentioned position for a little over a month just to make sure this would be a fit for me. Well as it turns out I have found myself in the career of a Recruiter. My official title is Customer Account Representative. I staff for companies needing to fill positions, I pre-screen, interview and place candidates. It is still new to me, but I am totally loving it so far, and I get to work with

Next up is probably my weight loss.....

Ok so this has really taken a back seat unfortunately. I have been slacking on my workouts, not because I wanted to but I didn't have time. I REALLY didn't have time, that wasn't an excuse....I have been working 7 days a week and sometimes twice in one day. My weight has been fluctuating between 223-229 lbs. I haven't been drinking my water, but I haven't been eating THAT bad either. Now that I have let one position go I will be getting back on track to my next goal which is Onederland.
As far as the Shrinkvivor contest goes (if your interested) I made it to the final 3 in our team, but then (not telling anyone) voted for myself to be eliminated because I didn't feel it was fair to the other girls that I wasn't putting my heart & soul into the competition. They were working so hard and I wanted to see at least one of them succeed.

Ok now Drumroll please..........

So after all the waiting here is my new Bra & Pantie Pic!!!!

283lbs to 223lbs......60lbs gone!!!!
Not to shabby, but still a long way to go......

Next up my Gastroscopy.......

As most of my readers will remember my "heart attack" post, then finding out that I have a hiatal hernia on my esophagus, a lump on my breast, etc. this year has been full of health surprises. I swear I was healthier as the "Fat Bonnie." I never had any issues. Then I had to go and drop 60 pounds and BOOM.

Well the other day I had an out-patient procedure done for my hernia. They stuck a damn camera down my throat, and if that wasn't bad enough, they cut a little piece of tissue out of my tummy for a biopsy. This gives you cramps by the way.....and my throat felt like I have been sucking a huge......well never mind!


Holy Shit eh????......lots has happened and you guys had no idea......well now you know why I have been missing and hopefully you'll forgive my absence. I'm glad to be back, and also starting back on my routine that I have actually missed so much. I find my life functions so much better when it's planned.

Now I just have to start Christmas shopping........FAIL

Oh and I would like to give a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND" shout out to all my American readers. I hope you are having a great time with your family and friends........xoxoxoxo

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Comeback Countdown

HELLLOOOOOOO, anybody still there????

I just wanted to say I'm here and thinking of you all!!!!.....I will have my "official" comeback in the next few days, and will fill you in on everything, from my weight loss, job resignation, and the "surgery" that I had at 10am this morning.

Hope you are all still with me........just a few more can make it, you have held out this long....xoxoxo

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