Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dr. Gourmet

Sooooooo......I'm officially on day 4 of my lifestyle change, and I have to say I feel great. I have been taking all of my vitamin/supplements (we will get to that later) and I have been doing the YOU: On a Diet workout 3 days a week to get started.

Introducing came across this website while searching for healthy meal ideas to start planning for the week. I must say I didn't have trouble at all finding something I liked, and I'm a SUPER PICKY eater. It even has a planner that you can put all your info in and it will tell you how many calories you should be eating, and customize a plan for you. I tried this and it told me I should only be eating 1200 calories/day, so that's what I'm shooting for, between 1200-1300.

I'm eating the same thing for breakfast, and lunch....I find that consistancy is wayyyyy easier then trying to figure out what I'm gonna eat everyday. Dr. Gourmet suggests cereal, and a piece of fruit for breakfast, or a homemade smoothie, and for lunch a sandwich and a salad. I have been continuing this trend and I find it easy, and filling. Technically they say you should eat something every 3 hours to keep your metabolism up, so between breakie and lunch I have 1/2 cup cottage cheese 1% and I put pepper on it.....LOVE THIS.....

Dinner is another story.....There are a TON of recipes on this site that you can choose from and most are 2 servings, so you only have to cook every second night which I love.
I wanted to share with you my favourite meal so far.....It's the Chicken & Leek Risotto....AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
Here is the link for the recipe if your interested:

I left out the tarragon/saffron (I added Thyme instead) because....

  • I HATE tarragon, I think it tastes & smells like black licorice, YUK!
  • Saffron is wayyyyyy too expensive

Now on to the vitamins.....I have this thing about swallowing too much at once (get your head out of the gutter) Taking multiple vitamins at once is hard but like this is rediculous....but according to Dr. OZ it's a must so I figured if I'm gonna do this right I'm going all in...
Here is the schedule according to Dr. OZ.....

DHA 600mg (I'm taking Omega 3 with DHA in it)

Twice a Day:
1/2 Multi-vitamin
Calcium 600mg
Vitamin D 600iu
Magnesium 200mg
Vitamin B5 300mg (also known as Pantothenic acid)

I am also taking Biotin & Biosil for my hair and nails....I have been using this stuff for about 3 months now and let me tell you it works wonders......

So that's it for now I guess, I just wanted to put an update in here for anyone who is interested, and to let you know I'm hanging in there, haven't cheated yet, and keeping my positive outlook.....

Looking forward to Sunday's weigh-in!!!!


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