Saturday, October 1, 2011

Black & Orange

OCTOBER IS HERE!!!!!! you know what that means??????

That's's time for Black & Orange baby......this is my favourite time of the year. Oh and ps....I can carve the shit out of pumpkins. Last year one of my pumpkins made the front page of our city's newspaper. Here is a preview of some of my past pumpkins.....

Not bad for 12 hours worth of carving.....hahahahahah

Also welcoming October with a bang this morning was my red headed friend George.

Well George (or some of you may know him as TOM) has reared his ugly ginger head once again. I am crabby, cranky, miserable, and want to stab someones eye out with a red hot poker......

.....but the one thing that makes this bearable even after all that is that I have lost 1lb. Even with the bloating, and the water retention a pound loss is a great thing. On top of that my weigh in's have moved from Saturday's to Wednesday's due to Shrinkvivor so I still have 4 days to lose....YES!

If you are interested in following what I am doing for Shrinkvivor, and wondering what the weeks challenges are, I have posted a tab at the top of my page labeled Shrinkvivor. Just click on that and all will be and by all means if you are stalking me from a competing team take a look at the very afraid.

Now 60 lbs is just around the corner. I have to lose 1.8lbs to reach that milestone. When I do, I will be posting my measurements again as well as a new Bra & Panty comparison pic.....aren't you excited??? know you are, well I know my hubby is at least!

Speaking of hubby, at the moment he is making me some French Toast & Bacon for breakfast cause today is "Treat Day" so I gotta run......

Thanks for the comments, support & motivation are what gets me going and through all the humps in this adventure.....
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  1. October is the month of months! Your pumpkins are amazing. :0

  2. Yay for the loss! I always say my red headed cousin is in town. lol

  3. Bon, your pumpkins are simply marvelous!

  4. Ugh, "George", "Tom", whatever everyone calls it, is going to be here for me any day as well. :/

    In any case, your pumpkins are awesome!!


  5. Wow, wow, wow! I bet you are going to hit your 60lb milestone on Wednesday. That's incredible, Bon Bon. And I love your pumpkins. Those are out of this world!!!!

  6. Great job on the loss. Awesome pumpkins!! Now excuse me while I stalk your Shrinkvivor tab to check out my competition;-)

  7. Lady you pumpkins are badass!! Makes me sad that we don't celebrate Halloween here. Cos I want me one of those rad pumpkins.

    Was thinking of you last night when our mighty all blacks were playing your Canuck boys. Sorry we wasted you. No seriously I am. They played not too shabby for a mainly ice hockey mad country. Dayum some of those dudes are HOT!!

    Good luck with your Shrinkvivor. I am watching on from the sidelines hoping you kick some ass, literally.


  8. Nice job on the loss!!! You are doing so well, Bonnie!

  9. You can carve the shiznit out of some pumpkins!

  10. Love the pumpkins! and my red headed friend was in town too---made me feel like your pumpkins! lol Thank you for visiting my blog - love yours - you are doing an awesome job!


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