Sunday, October 16, 2011

Miss Me Yet?

Hello my loyal readers....friends, family, fellow bloggers & shrinkvivor contestants

I am sorry that I have been a bad blogger and been neglecting my duties to you. This is the first time ever since starting my blog that I haven't been regularly updating. I have NO TIME. Since getting this new job, but hanging on to my other one (part-time) I am working a minimum of 57 hours a week, plus working out (my Shrinkvivor team needs me) plus taking care of my family, plus cleaning house, and plus, plus, plus.........

I need to clone myself.....anyone know how to do that?

Please forgive me, and don't will only be for a short period of time I promise.

What I am going to try to do for now is just do some short and sweet posts, and when my life gets back to normal, I will come back with my more in depth blogs.

I still need to post my 60 pound bra & pantie shot....that will be coming soon!!!

In the Shrinkvivor realm, I made it through another week, but we lost Megan (booooo) I logged 392 minutes of exersize and lost a total of 2.6lbs last week.

I am 222.4lbs!!!!!!
(actually I weighed myself this morning and I was 220 but I'm not making an officially weigh in till

Almost in my teens people.....hahahahaha

AND........I have a NSV (non-scale victory) that I would like to share.....I purchased some new pants for my job and they were a size....drum role please....

That means I am officially out of the "fat" stores. I can actually step into clothing stores that I have NEVER been in, or haven't been into in over 12 years......

Well I gotta run as I have to go to work, and have a staff meeting right after.
Love you guys....and although you may not be seeing my usually comments on your pages, rest assured I am still reading them on my breaks at work!!!
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  1. Bon Bon! You are a wonder woman. Congratulations beautiful. Can't wait to see your new pics. I *might* do the same when I'm officially down 50lbs. We'll see. ;)

  2. Missed you twin!!! So inspired by your shrinkvivor exercise too. CONGRATS on your 16s girl. Excited to see the new progress pics.

  3. Great job on the loss!!! You keep living your life lady-we'll be right here when you need us!

  4. Great loss and yes, you are definitely missed!

  5. Awesome loss!! Was hoping work wasn't drowning you out over there but looks like youre still on top of things. Yay Bonnie!!

  6. We certainly have missed you! Great job on the loss and on the 16's. :)

  7. Congrats on the NSV!!

    Hectic lives suck donkey balls. But we all have them. Glad your kinda back!

  8. yesss i have missed you too!!! I was just thinking about you and I have been bad with my blog reading so I had to look you up and see where you've been lol Congratu-freakin-lations!! Being out of "fat stores" is so awesome! Hope you treat yourself to some shopping soon!!

    Keep up the awesome work chic!

  9. Yes, definitely missing you! Hope you're back blogging full force soooon. <3 Excited for your new job and weight loss victory! Kicking ass girl!

  10. Way to go! I miss shopping in regular clothing stores what a fabulous NSV!

  11. Hey Bonnie I am doing a Tag you're it Challenge at my blog.

  12. Ok, I was just coming on here to ask where you were. Now, I know. Hope all is well. congrats on the clothing size - that is freakin' awesome!!! :)

  13. You've been awarded!


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