Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alive & Well

What's up???....Miss me???

Don't worry I haven't given up on you all.....

The challenge is in progress, just off to a slow start. If I jump back into it too fast I'm worried I might fall victim to my own devil that's inside of me.  Trust me, that devil can be quite a sneaky bitch.

First off I want to wish one of my most dearest friends David a Happy Birthday!!!! We are both celebrating our birthday's together tonight at Foia. My Birthday is on Feb. 22nd, but since David is leaving with like 10 of my friends to go to Australia (bitches) on my actual birthday I am celebrating early. I personally think they all should have pitched in to buy me a ticket so I could go, that would have been a great present.....hahahaha

Apparently there is going to be a seating arraignment at tonights festivities. That's the beauty of having a gay BFF.....everything is always YOU JAY (David's better half)
He emailed this to me at work a couple of days ago and I laughed my ass off.....only he would do this.

So I will do my best to provide pictures.....if I stay sober.....when David and I get together we feed off each other....I have a feeling it will be a messy scene....Good thing the offspring will be at Baba's house for the night!

I also wanted to say that I totally missed my 1 year was on Feb. 6th. So Happy Blogiversary to me!!!!.....I went out and bought some flowers for myself, and I liked them so much that every week I am going to pick up fresh ones. There is just something about having fresh flowers around.....

On a completely unrelated note.....I finally picked a new sink and faucet for the main floor bathroom. Still working on the granite countertop though.....there are so many choices.....but we are leaning toward one called suede is a pic so far.....

So that's all I've got, work is good, life is good, I recently made a new friend.....I don't think I could be happier....well maybe when I'm down another 60 I could

Stay tuned for the Bday Pics!!!

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  1. have an awesome party!! and i LOVE the new sink aha

  2. Ooooh twin, they totally should have gotten you a ticket to Australia too!! Love that sink. So modern and stylish. Love love.

    Just keep fighting the good fight twin. We can do this. Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog.

  3. oh snap i wanna go to australia too! yay for birthday stuff... omg at that seating chart, lol. and damn that's a nice sink!

  4. So cute pictures and amazing blog.

  5. go with the osso bucco...

    sounds like a fun time is going to be had...


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