Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday Girl

So yesterday I turned 34.

It's not so bad, I'm still closer to 30 than I am 40.

I was born in 1978.....
  • Dozen Eggs - $0.48 
  • Cost of a New House - $54,800
  • Average Income per Year - $17,000
  • First test tube baby was born
  • Sony introduces the Walkman
  • Dallas Cowboys won the Superbowl
Here are some pics from my birthday party.....don't was me, my hubby and 25 of my closest friends....the end of the evening was a blur, as you can tell from the last pic!
Car ride and ready to party!
Still Sober....
Enjoying my Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake slice!
Smashed with my BFF David, the other Birthday Boy
Then still rocking my clip-in weave I took a couple pics for work when I was sobered
Notice Adam in the background....he kept asking me what I was doing....hahahaha
On top of this wonderful night with my friends, another one of my good friends provided me with tickets to a NHL hockey game for my family and I. This was Adam's first time at a hockey game so I wanted it to be a surprise. Now don't get me wrong my blood bleeds black and orange for the Philadelphia Flyers....but Detroit is just across the bridge so Red Wings it is......

We all had a blast, hotdogs included......

....and  just in case your wondering, I'm back on track working out...getting up early before work to run and do my ab routine. I'm down 6lbs and going strong. I promise once I get back down to my 219 I will start posting my weigh in's.

At 210 I will tell you what I got for the challenge.
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  1. Happy Birthday to you! You are a youngn!

    And by the way, I love your dark hair and eye contrast. You are very pretty.

    1. Well thanks!....but your only 47 and that's not old....your at your prime baby!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!!!! You are so freaking Gorg I cannot stand it. I love the B&W your eyes completely pop. So freaking pretty.

    As for the Black and know my feelings on that, but did I tell you I grew up in Detroit and bled Red & White in Hockeytown for over 10 years? Yeah, the Wings are still my team in the Western Conference. I hope Jimmy Howard put on a good show for you guys, I didn't see the score. : (

    Absolutely adore you. Thanks for sharing your birthday festivities with us!

  3. Happy belated birthday and Go Wings! (I live in MI).
    Good job on the weight loss too!


    You look smokin' hot for a 34-year-old mama! GO, girly!

  5. Happy late B-Day!!!

    Love all the pics! You're Gorgeous!!!!


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