Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hellooooo 260's!!!!!

Yes you heard right!!!.....I am welcoming myself to the 260 club. It's been quite sometime since I've been here. Now I may have only just squeezed my way in by 0.6lbs, but I don't give a'm allowed to celebrate!!!!
That is a total of a 4.8 lbs lost this week, which personally I think is f***ing amazing on my part!!!....the best part about it is that I'm not even starving myself. I'm eating healthy. I'm counting calories, and watching my carbs and fat intake, that's it!....Who whoulda thunk it could be this easy. I should have done this years ago. It's taken some will power to change my eating habits, and cut out the chips (God I miss them) but I have been doing this for a month now, and it's actually becoming easier to put together meals without even thinking about it.

I have been using this program on my iPhone & also my Macbook called My Fitness Pal. Basically what  it does is track your calories, nutrients, and water intake for the day. After every meal, I input the info and it calculates everything for me. This program is amazing and I think I can honestly contribute a big part of my success to it. It has the biggest network of food I have ever seen. It also has a facebook like community, so on your updates friends can cheer you on, and be supportive toward your weight loss, or for being within your calorie goals for the day.

Another thing that I am pretty sure that has contributed to my weight loss is my evening strolls around my neighbourhood at know it sounds a little like a cat burglar, but it's quiet, and peaceful at nighttime, and it gives me 30 minutes of peace from all the drama during the day. Basically I throw on my music and go. I believe music is a powerful motivator especially if you have on the right kind of music. The better the beat I find makes me actually walk faster, and put more into it.

I started using a program that comes already installed in my iPhone called Nike + iPod. I did have to go buy the sensor that makes this program work but it was only $20 so that wasn't too bad. You also need a pair of Nike+ compatible runners (remember Shoe Queen here....I actually had 2 pairs) Basically the sensor goes under the padding in your shoe and tracks your progress sending the info to the iPhone. It also plays music that has been loaded into your iPod, and a voice comes on in intervals of minutes, or km's walked to tell you your progress. At the end of your workout, it tells you all the info in the pic above. I have been using this for all my evening walks, and I must say it's AWESOME!!!....

A lot of people have been asking me what I am eating, if I'm eating enough, and if I'm hungry. I believe that everyone is different, and only your body knows the above answers. I have been feeling great, have lots of energy, and haven't had any real hunger pains, so I'm gonna say that I'm doing fine.
Here's some pics of random meals that I have been eating, if your

Basically the only thing I have changed from last week is that I'm eating my carbs earlier in the day, preferably at lunch time. For dinner I'm having some sort of protein and veggies, no carbs. I think that's what has helped put me back on track since last weeks low loss of poundage....

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my hubby (and the in-laws) for his 38th birthday. Then they are taking our son for the night (YES) so Dan & I can get into some trouble. Actually we are going to our BFF's Jay & Dave's for a get together with friends. I'm going to allow myself a glass of white wine. I haven't had a drop of alcohol since I have started this adventure, so it will probably mess me

Now for my measurements:

Current Weight: 269.4 lbs  (11.6 lbs)

Chest: 46"  (3")
Waist: 42"  (3")
Hips: 55"  (1.5")
Left Arm: 17"  (0.5")
Right Arm: 17"  (0")
Left Thigh: 33"  (1.5")
Right Thigh: 33"  (1.5")

That makes my total inches lost this week: 3 1/2"
Grand Total: 11"
* grand total for each area in parenthesis* 

It looks at though I am losing most of my weight in my waist & legs, which is what I figured would happen. I am heaviest in the lower half of my body so naturally that would come off first. Don't matter to me though, as long as it all comes off eventually!!!!!


  1. Awesome and awesome! Sounds like you are on your way!

    It's amazing when you see the scale go down. It proves that what we are doing is working.

    Im a bit off my diet this week. Monthly and some bad family news. Back on monday and ready to go.

    Congrats on the 260's!

  2. Congratulations Bonnie!! It takes a lot of work to drop like that!


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