Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Saturday's

Saturday's are starting to become my fav day of the week, even though I work every second one (booo)....this day has become something to look forward to, it's my weigh in day, and also the day I incorporate my one treat meal (notice I said treat and not cheat) for the week. Now some people (like my hubby) has a cheat "day", but I learned that all I really need is one meal to satisfy my cravings. I usually have chinese, sushi, or Swiss Chalet, then some kind of dessert, and I'm all set for the week. For dessert it's a toss up between ice cream or chips....usually it's the latter because I am a salt fanatic.....well not anymore, but I husband used to joke and say he was going to buy me a salt lick for christmas & my birthday, cause that's all I would need to keep me happy.

This week has really been uneventful (for me) actually, it has rained a lot, well up until yesterday when my town was dumped upon by mother nature again. I really thought we were done with all the snow, but it's only March so you never know. It really makes it hard to go for my walks at night when everything is slushy, and wet, but I really like being outside rather than being in the gym on some boring treadmill. I guess I will just have to suck it up for now though until the weather starts to get nicer. On a side note speaking of mother nature Japan got hit with an earthquake & tsunami yesterday and it took a lot of peoples lives, homes, and just about anything else in it's destructive path. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been affected by this. 

Sometime in the very near future (spring/summer) we are going to be updating our kitchen with granite countertops, a backsplash, and having an island built as well. Not that there is anything wrong with what we have, but this will be sooooo much better. We built our house almost 10 years ago, so we are in need of a change. I am extremely excited about this, but not seeing my kitchen torn apart. Maybe a new kitchen will inspire me more to cook & invent some amazing low fat/calorie meals....this is the before pic
Not to bad, but there is always room for improvement!!!

Anyways back to the carb eating at lunch and not dinner rule seems to be working nicely for me. I had a decrease in weight again this week, so that makes me happy. 
  • Breakfast - I'm either eating cereal & milk, or egg whites with a sliced tomato, and a piece of whole wheat bread with one light laughing cow triangle spread on it (if you haven't tried these, they are AMAZING...low in fat too!) it really depends how much time I have in the morning.
  • Lunch - I usually make/eat something with carbs so I don't miss them. Lately I either eat some kind of pasta, or a low sodium chicken noodle soup. President's Choice Blue Menu label just released a 100 calorie portion sized chicken noodle soup. I Love It!!!   I also have been eating a Chicken Marinara with Mozzarella Cheese Grilled Flatbread from Weight Watchers Smart Ones with a salad. This is GLORIOUS.....I pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and VOILA, a crispy, tasty meal. I know your thinking "gross" but it actually is really good. I usually have this twice a week. I also have the Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla every now and then but it's not as good as the other.
  • Dinner - This is the easiest meal. I just incorporate some protein (4-6oz) of the usual chicken, steak or pork. Then veggies...that's it, no carbs. 
  • Snacks - I either have 12 almonds, 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese, a yogurt, jello, apple, cucumber spears with a laughing cow cheese wedge, or edamame.
  • TONS & TONS OF WATER (2-4 liters a day)
This is the's sooo good!!.....I usually leave it like a pizza instead of folding it in half

So this is basically what I have been eating all week, and it seems to be working, so if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!!! I'm also still going for my evening strolls, so for now I'm not gonna push it. My weight loss seems to be pretty steady and right on track. My weight loss this week has been 3 lbs. I'm pretty happy, not gonna

Now for my measurements:

Current Weight: 266.4 lbs  (14.6 lbs)

Chest: 46"  (3")
Waist: 41 1/2"  (3.5")
Hips: 54"  (2.5")
Left Arm: 17"  (0.5")
Right Arm: 17"  (0")
Left Thigh: 32 1/2"  (2")
Right Thigh: 32 1/2"  (2")

That makes my total inches lost this week: 2 1/2"
Grand Total: 13 1/2"
* grand total for each area in parenthesis* 

So until next week, here's to staying positive, eating great food, and losing a shit load of


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