Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Friday I was driving into work after a light dusting of snow and I actually stopped to take a picture….there is something just so beautiful when the snow is untouched….it’s peaceful.

This put me in a great mood at work so I decided to take a picture at my desk for everyone to see how happy I was…….besides it was Friday and the weekend was almost here!

Then when I got home I told my husband to take a full body pic of me as I was feeling kinda fat and I wanted to see myself in my jeans…..

…not to bad, but I definitely still need some work

So THEN my weekend began with me waking up felling like a bag of shit. Now if I would have been partying up the night before, I would have at least had a reason, but noooooo I woke up with a sore throat and a nose that was so stuffed it was giving me a damn headache.

I literally went through a box of Kleenex in a afternoon.

Fun Fact for the day…..did you know that the nose produces 4 cups of snot each day??? That’s right folks what you don’t blow or sneeze out the rest you swallow….we are booger eaters no matter what…..

So I pretty much have spent my weekend off in bed….at least I got my Christmas cards done and my tree up…..wanna see???

Funny thing was I was sick LAST weekend too…..but I managed to go to the Christmas Parade with my family… is my little elf.

Fast Forward to today……I’m am sitting at my in-laws typing away, drinking lots of tea, and working on “word families” with my son….you know when you pick the ending “at” and then you have to write all the words that end in that….cat, rat, mat….etc.

It’s a lazy day, filled with nothing, nothing and more nothing and a little bit of laundry here and there. Hopefully calgon will show up and take me away somewhere… a white sandy beach, with crystal clear blue waters, and a hot naked man.

This week I plan on getting back on track full force, since I got wayyyyy off these past couple of months…..I think I needed it though.

I’m pretty sure I gained back about 8-10 pounds which really sucks, but hopefully my body will burn it off pretty fast since I have been kinda dormant for the last few months.

Here is to kicking it into high gear again, and getting back into my groove. Oh how I have missed being in a routine……

I will start posting my weigh in’s again once I get back to my lowest weight which was 219lbs… patient my friends I will be back there in no time!!!

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  1. Gosh you are SO gorgeous. I truly love that sweater too! Look how teeny your waist is, love it! And yummmo with the guy in the surf!

  2. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to post anything after that man pic...but seriously every time I see you I think - can she get any cuter? - and then I see the next picture - and say it again and now I just hate you cuz you're so cute. So there. LOL

  3. I'm a new reader and LOVED reading your past blog posts. Looking forward to reading new ones too:) I think you and the beach guy would make a beautiful couple! LOL. You have the best smile ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. INCREDIBLY beautiful man there... and you are still looking lovely and happy and wonderful! You know when ya get off... and I know you'll get back on track. As far as being sick, enjoy the down time while you have it. :)

  5. Hi Beautiful! You look amazing and I LOVE your tree!!

  6. I'm stuck on the boogers thing. YUCK! My life is forever changed with that little tid bit of info. Thanks.

    Great pics! Great outfit, great tree! Great little man! Love it all. Great post!

  7. Just wanted to say after actually seeing you now in person YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE. Keep up the hard work Bonnie because it will all be worth is once you kick it in to onederland!

  8. Four cups? Wow. There are days when it certainly seems like four cups!

    Looking good BTW!

  9. You always look so gorgeous.

    P.S. I could have totally done without that "snot" fact. Yuck!

    Hope you are feeling better by now. :)

  10. What a cute santa list and pic of your little one!! You will kick that 219 out of here in no time!


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