Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ok either I scared off all the male readers with the title of this post, or I attracted all the perverts.....probably the latter.....

Maybe I should have titled it Bloody Vagina.....hahahahahah

This post is about my neither regions. I am typing this from bed, and I am bleeding like a stuck pig. I have NEVER been like this before....EVER.

I am one of those women that roles my eyes when I hear a co-worker or any other female that bitches about having a bad time of the month, or the ones that take off 2 days every month cause "George" is visiting and they can't handle it.

I think I finally understand what they are going through. Mind you I didn't take any time off of work, and I have been drugging myself every 4 hours, but come on.....when will the bleeding end???

I feel like I'm being sucked dry by a vampire.....well maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing if it was this vampire.....

I would totally be staining those sheets right now

I am definitely keeping "Always" and "Tampax" in business this month, maybe I can invest in some stock options......change every 6-8 hours my ass....how about every hour on the hour like clockwork

Why am I not dead yet????

In case you feel like donating some blood I am O-

So thank you Period Gods....I apparently pissed you off for being on the pill so long that I decided to go "O'Natural" and this is how you repay me......18 years of period pain saved up until now, might as well chalk it up to labour cause it's getting close......

If you guys don't hear from me by Christmas, please say a prayer as I have probably bled to death.

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  1. That is so weird, I have had the same problems my last couple of times George visited. I even bled through my pad, tampon, pants and onto my office chair. Talk about embarrassing!!!! Nothing like standing up and having a blood trail beneath your ass.

    They have never been like this in my whole life. I did fake bad cramps in high school to get out of going a few times....maybe it is Karma?

  2. @terbear287 hahahahahahah OMG I would die if that happened....funny thing though every time I got up from my desk today I looked at my chair.....swear to God!

  3. Oh Bon Bon, I swear all us bloggers are on the same damn schedule.

    Btw, you know how my beloved hubby surprised me with a trip to Cuba? Well, the day we leave we'll have a 3rd traveller -- "George." Had I booked the trip, I would have been able to account for this. *groan*

  4. P.S. I beyond love the pictures in this post. HAHAHAHA

  5. I'll be sending non-painful thoughts in the direction of your poody-poo. I feel very sapphic saying that.

  6. OMG - that last picture - cracked me up! Sorry hun!

  7. I've been there far too often...If you're done having kids...get an IUD...BEST THING EVER!!!!! Will stop your periods completely!

  8. I'm unfortunately one of those women who has had to take time off in the past due to 'George' paying a visit. Not fun at all. I feel your pain. Well.... Not at this moment, probably in a few days :P

  9. I was in the exact same sitch last week. It was horrid. I hate being a girl......on the first-ish of every month.

  10. Girl -- see your doctor if this is out of the norm and continues.

    And then when this bleeding mess stops get thee to the American Red Cross and donate some of your universal type blood! =)

  11. Can't wait to see your search stats after this post!

  12. I'm trying not to laugh at you, but after those pics...it's hard.

  13. Hi there! I'm a new follower and am looking forward to back-tracking and reading all your older posts :) 50 pounds lost?! That's impressive! Keep it up!

  14. lol, i pray you're still alive babe... seein as how its past christmas now and all... :)

  15. I have had that problem many times in my life. I do have to take 1 day off work a month, there is always 1 day when leaving my house is not an option. Just the standing and up and down of getting in the car, into the office chair, to the bathroom, etc. is just too damn much. I hope it goes away and that you're okay. I have had to have blood transfusions for it! Totally sucks balls!


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