Monday, December 5, 2011


Do any of you guys use Twitter? Well I do, and sometimes I find it less stressful and dramatic as Facebook, you can follow me at @Bonnanza..... the other day I get a email saying Usher Raymond (you know the singer) is now following you.....EXCUSE ME?????

So at first I figured it was just a fake account, and someone was playing a joke. Apparently not. You see Twitter will place a checkmark on a validated account so you know it is the real person (they only do this for famous people). Did this Usher have a checkmark? You better believe

My Twitter profile pic must be working wonders......hahahaha

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  1. Say yeah, yeah, yeah...Usher got the voice that make your booty go...*crack*

    So cool! The only celeb I have thus far is a local news guy. snooooozzzze....

  2. WTF, over?! That is pretty cool and I'm mostly jealous. Wait until I start Twitter, Usher might follow me too (probably not).

  3. You're famous!!! I have zero celeb followers. Le sigh.


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