Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End of the World?

I'M ALIVE (transfusion not necessary).....just incase you don't know what's going on you can read my post

OK I may be exaggerating a little bit, but it is the end of 2011. According to the Mayan's that's another story though. Funny thing is that I wear a Mayan calender around my neck at least a couple of times a week.

So I guess this post should be about my Greatest Accomplishments, Funniest & Embarrassing Happenings, Made you Cry Moments, and Life in general.

Greatest Accomplishments:
  • February - Decided to change my life for the better and lose weight, and get healthy.
  • April - 20lbs down, my first official "Bra & Panty" comparison pic.
  • May - 1st goal reached.
  • June - 40lbs down, my second "Bra & Panty" comparison pic.
  • September - 10 years married....and yes I would classify this as an
  • September - Completed the C25K
  • October - Won $100 in a weight loss challenge
  • November - 60lbs down, my third "Bra & Panty" comparison pic.

Funniest/Embarrassing Moments:
  • April - My pants fell down on me at the gym when running on the treadmill
  • May - 1st day of owning an iPhone and this is what happens.....
  • December - This was funny, but scary at the same time when the damn Christmas Tree started smoking and almost caught fire.....Griswold Moment of the Year

Made You Cry Moments:

  • May - Trip to the Hospital, this was the beginning of a very stressful, unknown condition that carries on to this day. Lots of tests, medications, hospital visits, and it's still undiagnosed. There are speculations though.
  • July - I found a lump in my breast and had to schedule a mammogram.


  • June - The ducks in my yard. This made me smile for weeks. You never see stuff like this in my neighbourhood.
  • July - Adam pulls out his first tooth!
  • July - Made a list of words that mean EVERYTHING to me. I even use this as my desktop picture. I refer to it daily, and it helps me to keep focused.
  • October - Got a Big Girl Job!!!
  • November - Quit a Little Girl job and got rid of all the "little girls" that went with it. 
  • December - When Usher added me on Twitter

Well that pretty much recaps all the major things. The most important things though are my family, our health, and all my supporters (THAT MEANS YOU) in my life. That's all I need.

I am wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2012 bring you everything you hope it will, happiness, success, and all of that good stuff. For all of you watching your weight I hope this year brings you the strength to continue and just be happy and heathy.

Mark my words, this will be "MY LAST" fat New Year!!!!!

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  1. I better see you around these parts more often in 2012...I miss you! :)

  2. May you see the next new year as a smaller person and bigger personality!

  3. Way to go girl!! You have done a marvelous job on your weight loss journey!! :)

  4. Last Fat new year, Last fat summer, last fat all of it ---- Rock it out! Happy New year! :)

  5. Great recap. Happy New Year Bonnie! Best wishes for a great year and success with your goals.


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