Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cult Challenge

I am a huge fan of the band "The Cult".....the singer Ian Astbury's voice is fricken amazing. I have been a fan since I was 15 and discovered them through an ex-boyfriend......the only good thing I took from that relationship!

When I heard that they were going to be playing a concert in my hometown I was floored, so I obviously grabbed some tickets. Not just any tickets either, I payed extra for V.I.P....nothing better than being up close and personal with the band under the stars, and of course having access to a private entrance, private bathrooms and a VIP bar service didn't hurt either.

Now to explain the challenge part. If you notice in the above picture there are 4 tickets. The other 2 are for my dear friend Joe and his wife. Joe has been really supportive regarding my weight loss and decided to throw a challenge my way.

Being competitive in nature, any challenge whether it's big or small gets my blood going.

Joe wants to lose about 25lbs himself to get back into his "fighting weight" as he called it. He suggested that starting today we both work our asses off to lose that by June 2nd.

That's the day of the concert.

I told him that's crazy talk and there is no way I will lose 25lbs in 40 days.

Joe told me to try my best (he's such an awesome friend) and whoever loses the most by then gets to drink for free that whole night on the other (better save your dollars my friend)

.....and I'm not just talking about pop here people

p.s. I can drink like a fish, and mark my words it will be premium alcohol.

Challenge accepted....and if you're reading this.....'re a good friend

If anyone is wondering......and I sooo don't want to post this as I am totally ashamed of myself....My current weight starting this challenge is 245.8lbs. Up until this point I wasn't holding myself accountable by posting pics to the public.....well here it is....time to start!

Day 1.....AGAIN

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  1. Bonnie!

    You are definitely going to win!! I have total faith in you! Good luck


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