Thursday, April 26, 2012

Winning Loser

I like to win.....

I'm competitive like that. I've been busting my ass this week just to get a good head start. I don't think I'm doing too shabby....and it helps that Joe caved and had wings one night this week....hahahahah sucker!

Consider this another check in, to keep me motivated and accountable.....

The shirt I'm wearing in the pic below has the number 78 on it. This is significant to me as I was born in '78 but I also would like to lose 78 I rocked it out on the treadmill with the shirt on yesterday for motivation!

Sweating, Glowing, Hot Mess
I stepped on the scale this morning and took a pic.....proof is in the pudding baby!!!

On an unrelated note.....some little fuck punk kid shot a bb gun at my front window last night and broke it.
Three police cars, 6 cops later, and no
So help me God if I EVER catch the little shit that did it, his mother will be crying let me tell you. I am not above punching a teen in the mouth.....just sayin'

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  1. Great sweat....nice weigh in and cute purple polish!

  2. Go you!! I'm watching your progress & fist pumping for my Canadian girl from little old NZ x


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