Monday, April 30, 2012

Damn George

George is visiting this week.....I'm not a happy camper (George is what I call my monthly visitor for all those newbies to my blog)

I'm retaining water.....what else is new

I'm still eating well though, and exercising so that's all that matters. I'm staying on track, AND I'm staying away from the scale this week cause I know it will just frustrate and deter me.

I weighed myself on Saturday though before George and I was pretty happy with the results....

I'm coming along nicely I would say. Slow and steady wins the race. Speaking of racing I also took another sweaty pic for you all......this is after my run, and a ab routine on the floor.....I almost fell over taking the will alllll be worth it one day (this is what I keep telling myself)

Don't judge.....

On another 6 year old needed glasses. Now Adam is no regular kid, and he's like his mama when it comes to being high maintenance, one-of-a-kind. Most kids wear wire or rimless frames....NOT MY KID...he wanted plastic frames like my Prada' Adam scored himself a pair of Ray Ban's

Tomorrow is a new month, meaning new beginnings, warmer weather, some wicked thunderstorms......and Adam's 7th birthday.....

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  1. How funny that you said slow &steady wins the race, that was my blog post title today.

  2. You go girl ;)

    I actually laughed out loud when I saw the "It's gonna be MAY".

  3. You are such an inspiration.. I came over from Becky's Blog.. I've gone all stalker like, but in a non sexual freaky way. Which is actually a shame, because I'm great in bed apparently.. JOKE. Anyway, just wanted to say I think you have done an amazing job and you look fantastic :-)


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