Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bonnie "The Bowler"

Yes.....Bonnie is a bowling bitch. 

I don't go very often (maybe twice a year) but I love it, and I'm not half bad (toot! toot!) Dan bought me a ball, shoes and a bowling bag for my 30th birthday and I have never looked back. There is something so nice about having your own ball over sticking your fingers in a hole with fecal matter (that's what she said....hahahaha)

My hubby's cousin Darko is visiting from Serbia (first time ever in Canada) and we asked him if he wanted to go bowling. He has never done this before as it is SUPER expensive in his country. For example a lane per hour there is $15. He makes about $1 per hour at his job. So he would have to work 15 hours to pay for 1 hour at bowling. THAT'S CRAZY!!!!

So we rounded up some of the family and went to Cosmic Bowling (music & lights) and then took him for another Canadian treat POUTINE......Needless to say we all had a blast and loved every minute of it!!!!

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  1. That poutine looks amazing! And congrats on winning your games. :)

  2. Good Christ I married in to the wrong nation. Hello Serbian boys! Although my south African man is pretty sexy so I'll keep him.

  3. Mmmm I'll take two slices of Darko please. Kiddin!! Don't tell my hubby.

    You are such a blast, I want to move to Canada so we can be besties, I believe we're already twins seperated at birth! :)

  4. Heeeey, there, Darko! Hows it going? Is he cute, or what? lol. Looks like you had an AWESOME time. I'm jealous. Lovin' your blueballs Bonnie! And how neat to take someone out for their first experience bowling! You all lost me on the french fries with scrambled eggs and brown goop all over it. wtf. Ruined some perfectly good french fries! : )

  5. I love that Marko and Darko have rhyming names! That's awesome!

    Nice shoes and balls! You're one lucky lady.

    You're going to die -- but even though I'm Canadian and my man is French Canadian -- I've NEVER had poutine. For realz.

  6. @BettyZade LOL....Eggs??? Those eggs are cheese curds that didn't melt yet because I just got it, and the brown goop is gravy....IT IS GLORIOUS!!!!! have to try it sometime

  7. is his name really darko? i have a friend who everyone calls darko around here and omg ive never met anyone else who goes by that name. so crazy!

  8. What is poutine? It looks sinfully good, but just weird. I will join the masses in saying that Darko looks delicious. What? I didn't just type that out loud, did I? They did it first..... gosh I need to get a life. What a fun evening!

  9. This is the second post I've seen today about bowling ... I think I need to go soon! And - poutine?! Yum! I could certainly make it, but I want to go to Canada for my first real poutine experience. (Also, if I were in Canada, I'd be on vacation, where calories don't get counted :P)


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