Monday, August 1, 2011

Mental Monday's

Welcome to my weekly blog installment called Mental Monday's. A day for me to bitch about something without putting it into my regular posts. You are warned. These posts I don't hold back, and sometimes involves a lot of swearing.

This week I am on vacation, and that means I plan on relaxing. I don't want, nor plan on bitching about anything. So I will leave you with some pictures of

1. Baby Fetus

2. Siamese Twins

3. Penis Potato

4. Mr. & Mrs. Carrot

5. Witch Parsnip

6. Scary Teddy Bear

7. Pecker Pepper

8. Devil Tomato

9. Buddha Pears

10. Give me a hand.... 

Have a great week!!!!!!!


  1. Seriously WHERE do you find this shit???? Holy crazy!

  2. Mr & Mrs Carrot are the best. Ok, I swear I saw those peppers somewhere last night/this morning. Honestly, I thought they were part of a weird dream. Glad to know they weren't. haha Enjoy your time off!

  3. The pears are super creepy. Well, not as unsettling as the baby fetus, but still. LMFAO

  4. WOW. How do you find this stuff? WOW.


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