Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kicking Ass & Taking Names


I feel great!!!! (this is where positive thinking helps)

I am not going to be upset over my weigh in this week even though it was only 0.4 lbs lost. I really don't know how this happened as I worked out 5 days straight, ate amazing, and didn't cheat once.

My hubby thinks that because "George" is visiting that it is affecting my weigh in. It could be, but the one positive thing about working out with "George" is less pain.....I didn't have to take Advil one time....AMAZING

I am soooo close to 50 pounds lost I can taste it. My mouth is watering. This week I am gonna bust some ass people (not that I haven't been already)

In the C25K front I have completed weeks 1 & 2. It's tough. I have no idea how people can run such long distances. I feel like I'm dying after 2 minutes. My calves hurt, my shins hurt and I think I pulled my  left I'm starting week 3 tomorrow. Wish me luck cause I think I'm gonna need it! Here is what the scheduled intervals look like:

All in all I have lost a total of 46.6 lbs since February 1st. Not too bad. I am 10 lbs short of where I would like to be though. My original goal was to lose 10 lbs a month, but I didn't take into account plateaus. Boy do they suck.

Here is what my total loss so far looks like in my weekly fish pic:

That's a sexy fisherman.....just sayin'
In my personal life outside of "fatland" I have been working and trying to spend some time with my family, hence less blogging. How do some of you find extra time do do everything? I am a schedule whore so maybe I need to create one to incorporate at least 1 hour a day to blogging.

Yesterday my fam and I went to our local Farmer's Market. It was really cute but I was suprised at how little vendors there were. I expected it to be a lot bigger since we have such a huge farming community within a 20 minute drive from our cities core. I scored a ton of great local produce and also some grain fed meat.

I also taste tested a few veggies that were new to me, and had me curious:

Purslane: An edible ground cover that you can pick, and use in salads. It has double the amount of omega 3's than Kale, and it has tons of Vitamin E and antioxidants. I really liked it, it tastes sort of like spinach.

Armenian Cucumber: This tasted like a cross between a cucumber and a zucchini. I personally didn't care for it as I didn't think it had too much flavour. It sure was crisp and crunchy though. The skin was furry which kinda weirded me out since you don't need to peel these. 

Adam was also begging us to take him bowling as he was upset that he was left out of "Adult Bowling Night." Of course we felt like shitty parents and bowed down to his every need, so after the market we took him. Here is Adam in all his Bowling Glory.....

My son bowled a "69" how

Yesterday also seen the sky Gods bless my city with some much needed rain. This heat wave that we have been having has been a little ridiculous to say the least. The storm approach looked like impending doom for my town & it was a little scary. Then the wrath was over and we were blessed with a double rainbow, now that you don't see very often.

See the Double Rainbow???
So ending this week on a positive note......Goals

"Goals help you into channeling your energy into action"

This week's Goals will be on:

  1. Completing Week 3 of C25K
  2. Getting into the 220's!!!!!!
  3. Water, Water, Water (Dan thinks I'm not drinking enough)
Have a great week everyone, and remember show me some love, comments are what get's me through week to week!!!  XOXOXOX

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  1. Woohoo! Have you picked out your rollerblades yet?? :)

    Those Armenian cucumbers are...strange. Looks like a basket of snakes or something.

  2. Good luck with C25K! When I started it I thought there was no way I would be able to run 30 minutes straight but now I can. It works!

  3. C25k can be tough! But hang in there!! A year ago I NEVER thot Id EVER run for 30 mins without dying!! I did repeat some of the weeks because I just felt like it didnt go near as good as I wanted. Keep at it!! You can do it!!! What helped me the most was downloading the podcast from itunes. It told me whent to walk, when to jog. I used Robert Ullrey.

  4. I think getting into the 220's (or at least close!) is totally doable, since it sounds like you were doing great this week. Maybe it's just fluid retention from working out so much.

    Sounds like the farmer's market was a blast, I need to find one close to me and see what kinda new veggies I can find. :)

  5. I agree about retaining water - especially if you aren't drinking enough! Try to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Not your body weight in ounces, but the in, 236/2=118 ounces. It sounds like a lot, but if you drink at least 100, you should be good.

    I agree those cucumbers look like snakes! Creepy. Kudos to you for trying new things!!!

    One more vote for sticking with C25K. I know you intend to, but it really does work...I never ever ever have enjoyed running, and I truly didn't feel like I enjoyed much of it during the first few weeks. You will amaze yourself and it is going to be SO fun to watch! :)

  6. I love you. Seriously. But my chair had to be called Rachel. I wouldn't feel right sitting on Bonnie all day every day of my working life.

    Day 1 back at the gym has ended in a ball of flaming shit. I have been asked to stay at work until 6pm & wait for the stupid phone service techs to come & fix our motherf*cking phones. Gym closes at 6. Dumb. Oh well guess I'm going to have to go home & hump the weight off. Woop!

  7. P.S Bitch you rule at bowling. Bowling aint big here in NZ. It's something a lot of handicap folk do on a Sunday morning. You're still cool though x

  8. Nice job keeping the scale moving in the right direction! I bet George has a big effect on what the scale says. Do you like running? Do you like the program you're following? One of the bad things about programs like that is that they aren't the perfect fit for everyone. Feel free to use the program as a guide, and do what works for you. If it feels like too much, do an easy week, and then move forward. If you do too much, too soon, you could end up injured on burned out on running. Also, are you running as slow as you possibly can? Generally, the slower you run, the better it feels, and the better it is for your body. Going balls to the wall on every run isn't good for you. Sorry to blabber - I'm kind of obsessed with running. :) Adam is a cutie!!!! I can't get over your bowling score. DANG. Those sky pictures are great! My favorite is the one of the clouds. Well, have a great week!

  9. It's hard, it's hard, it's not as hard, then it starts to feel good, then better and better. At least that is my experience with running.

  10. I just posted my pic with the Bondi Band over at my blog! :)

  11. Keep up with the running! I know it sucks right now, but it'll get easier. If it feels too hard, just slow way down. I can't wait for you to reach your 50-lbs mark!

  12. Go You!! Where are you? I missed your insane Monday post. Hope everything is okay lady.

  13. fuzzy cucumbers? WEiiiiiiiirdd... I'm a fan of both cucumbers and zucchini, but not sure I could get over the furry/fuzzyness... good job and definitely get your water in missy!!


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