Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gotein Giveaway!!!!


Protein on the go's an amazing thing......

The great people at Gotein agree to send 1 package of each flavour to one lucky winner of this contest.....

Gotein™ Protein to Go, helps refuel the body, and improves lean muscle mass while burning fat*. 

It dissolves completely in water without the chunky residue and goes down smooth without the chalky aftertaste. And most importantly, Gotein comes in a convenient stick pack with a simple tear slot. You just needs to tear and pour into a standard 16.9 fl. oz water bottle, swirl, shake and go! With just two items, the Gotein pack and the water bottle, you are ready to enjoy a great tasting protein shake in the car, at the gym, at a sporting event, or even at your desk.

This is a perfect/easy way to get your protein in and curb your hunger cravings at the same time!!!

Mandatory Entry:

  • Become (or already be) a follower of Fat-Be-Gone
  • Leave me a comment telling me why you would like to try Gotein

Optional Entries (Must leave a comment for each optional entry to let me know it's been done as the winner is picked from the comments):

  • List "Fat-Be-Gone" on your blogroll
  • "Like" Gotein on Facebook & let them know I sent you by clicking here. (1 entry)
  • Follow Gotein on Twitter by clicking here. (1 entry)
  • Facebook, Blog or Twitter etc. about my Gotein giveaway. (1 entry)
  • Go visit Gotein and read about the product (1 entry)
  • Follow me on Twitter by clicking here. (1 entry)

**Giveaway entries are due by 11:59 p.m. EST, Friday, August 26, 2011. A winner will be selected via and announced in a blog post after the deadline. Winners have 48-hours from the announcement time to claim their prize by emailing me. Otherwise another entrant will be selected. The winning entrant must have followed the above listed guidelines, or else their entry will be invalid. Only U.S. readers may enter (sorry peeps Gotein's rules). All images contained in this post were courtesy the product’s website.

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  1. Booo on Gotein's rules. Bonnie doesn't discriminate. Bonnie loves the world.

    Ok, I hope one lucky Americano gets to win. ;)

  2. I follow you. and I am in the US, and I am a resident of the US.

    I want to try it because it is something new and if you say it tastes good I trust you!

  3. I'm a follower already. I would love to try gotein because I'm always looking for the easy way out and half the time i dont want to drink my protein shake just because im too lazy to get out the blender. this sounds so much easier if it really doesnt get chunky when you shake it up!

    I don't know how to do a blogroll - TEACH ME YOUR WAYS MASTER BONNIE!

  4. "Liked" Gotein on Facebook & let them know Bonnie sent me!

  5. Facebooked about your giveaway!

  6. Visited Gotein and read about the product!

  7. Followed you on Twitter! :)

    tadah.... did i win yet? lmao

  8. @Poison I posted "how to" instructions on your blog for

  9. alright score! you're on my blog list now!

  10. p.s. -- you would have made the list anyways though without the giveaway! ;)

  11. Hi, Bonnie! I'm a new follower and would love to try the Gotein! I haven't found a protein powder I love!

  12. Don't enter me in the contest, I have already won a Gotein giveaway though. I love the strawberry and chocolate most! :)

  13. Commenting Twice in case you don't make it back to my blog post you commented on and I couldn't email reply to you - you must not have your email engaged!

    OMG!! Yes, if I'm being honest as much as I love your blog, I can never EVER remember the name of it. In my head, you are Bonnie with the very cool black and white photos at the top of your blog. *heart u*

  14. Hola! I already follow you and I want to try it cause I'm so into these protein shakes and all....and I HATE cleaning the blender! :)

    By the way, you are also already on my blog roll...I'm gonna go do your other commands now.

  15. I already follow you. and I like to try Gotein. Im still looking for a powdered drink for my workouts that I enjoy!!!

  16. Liked Gotein on facebook, and told em Bonnie sent me.

  17. Posted the giveaway on my facebook page.

  18. Went to the website and read about the products. Thanks for the chances to win!!

  19. *new follower*

    I am always game to try new protein supplements.

    I made it here from Dawnya's blog. Enjoy what I have seen so far. I have been banded since Dec and blogging just this month!

    Good luck!

  20. I want to try it because you like it.

  21. Duh, of course you are on my blog roll!

  22. I clicked over to Go-tein and checked 'em out!

  23. Not fair us Canadian girls dont get to enter...I am purposefully NOT "liking" gotein! HAHA

  24. @fatgirlinaskinnyworld Tell me about it.....I'm hosting this contest and I'm Canadian!!!


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