Saturday, August 6, 2011

How's the Diet Going?

Let's start this post off with a quote:

"Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."

Wow isn't that the truth....I have made quite a few mistakes on this adventure of mine, but I haven't giving up. It's been 6 months and I'm down almost 50lbs and I FEEL AMAZING!!!!

Ok so on to this week....where to begin?

Let's start off with my weight.....obviously. This week I just made a contribution with a 0.8lbs loss. Thought this was a little weird cause I busted my ass and worked out 5 days this week, plus I ate CLEAN. No cheats at all. HMMMM?????.....Well a loss is a loss and I will take it. I am officially at 236.8 lbs with a total loss of 46.2 lbs.

I also started the Couch to 5K program this week. I am pleased to announce that I have completed Week 1, days 1-3. This consisted mostly of a 5 minute warm up, then intervals of walking for 90 seconds, then running for 60 seconds for 20+ minutes, then a 5 minute cool down. It is designed this way to help you build up your stamina. It was tough, for me anyways, but I pushed myself and am glad I did. My calves hurt like a bitch though.

This couch to 5k training was made possible all thanks to my GLORIOUS FATHER who bestowed upon me a really nice/expensive treadmill that has found a home in my family room. Since the heat of the summer has been ridiculous I haven't wanted to go for my walks/jogs till really late in the evening. Needless to say heading out in the dark with my headphones on not paying attention isn't the best scenario for a HOT LOOKING MAMA like myself. I now can get up in the morning and head down the stairs and run for my to speak.

That's me in all my sweaty glory......

The C25K requires a days rest in between runs so I have been doing random workouts to make sure I am getting some activity in every day. I recently started Zumba. Now I know that this is been out for sometime but the classes never coincided with my work schedule.....HELLO husband is very knowledgable in technology and we have the flat screen hooked up to the computer so I can send the video feeds and do the workouts right at about convenient and saving money too!!!

In the "Back to Basics" Challenge I am still holding the #1 spot by over 2% fat loss. I'm gonna need to kick my fat loss in gear though as this 0.8 lbs loss isn't going to help me stay #1, and personally I like being on top.....hahahaha.....perv.

Maybe I can put my cooking skills to use for healthy meals to aid in my weight loss. I got a gift from my Mother-In-Law (shocking I know, but our relationship is growing by leaps & bounds lately) of some new pots & pans. The ones that I had from my wedding (10 years ago) were shit and falling apart. They were the non-stick kind and the material was actually coming off of them. The new ones I received blow the other ones out of the water and they cost as much as a small They are the professional series stainless steel & copper Jamie Oliver set by T-Fal and boy are they sexy.

I could use these suckers as weapons they are so heavy.....
Speaking of sexy have you all noticed my new Blog Button??? If you haven't it is on the top right column of my blog. Please copy the text below it and paste it on your blog to show me some lovin'. If you don't know how to do this just ask and I would be happy to explain.

That's it for this week peeps....I hope you all have a great weekend. My vacation is ending (boooooo) and I start back to work on monday (that is a mental monday post in itself.)

This weeks focuses will be on:

  1. Water intake
  2. Working out 5 days
  3. Week 2 of C25K 
  4. No eating after 8pm

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  1. I just love your style! Congrats on the loss even though it didn't feel like as much as you were hoping for, it truly will fall off in another week or so, you'll see the catch up! Just keep keepin on girl.

    Also LOVE the workout glow pic. Also enjoying the info about the C25K workout. I am so worried about trying it because I worry about my knees getting F'd up. Oh ... and I'm gunnin for you on the BBtB Challenge! : )

  2. Awesome. A loss is a good thing - probably gaining muscle? You've come so far it's awesome. "Running for my life" - love it, so true.

  3. No Slim Fast comments?? ;)

    I have been sucking this a completely bad way. I just get so damn hungry after running! I am beginning to wonder if the 50 pound mark is just plateau time across the board...I have been stalking blogs when I find some time and it seems like a lot of people are stagnant. Not just us!

  4. Ohhh, I like your new pretty blog bits.

    Wow, a new treadmill. Someone is a lucky girl. The Zumba on Youtube is brilliant!! I have to hook up our laptop to our flat screen. I am totally doing that. Thanks for the idea.

    Down is down. Almost 50 -- you rock!

  5. That is such an awesome idea to hook up the zumba class to your TV i might have to try that one!!

    well done on your loss, keep up the good work!

    How did you find your first week of couch to 5K, i really want to get started but when tried last time i couldnt even manage the first day. But now i cycle to work couple times a week so thinking maybe im a bit fitter?

    Good luck for this week anyway


  6. OMG I just LOVE my Tfal pans. We got them at our wedding shower and they have definitely spoiled me. I can totally relate to the MIL thing as well!
    She just gave me her treadmill which is now in our home office and I am LOVING it.

    I am totally going to have to try Zumba @ home, mostly because I don't think I have the confidence at this point to do it in a class. haha

  7. I say you're doing great! Don't worry too much about the 0.8 lbs weight loss. Our bodies are fickle, depending what time of the month it is. The 5 lbs loss I bragged about? Gained 3 of it back, but am busting butt to lose even more. Woot! Nice glasses, btw. lol

  8. @BettyZade Thanks they are

    I am a glasses whore, I have 8 pairs.....I should do a blog about them one day and take pics in all of them!

  9. Good job completing C25K! Didn't know we are on the same schedule -- glad to hear it so we can offer some support to one another. Week Two looks like it's doable. I start tomorrow morning!


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