Monday, September 19, 2011


It's all about Gym, Tanning & Laundry baby.....sorry peeps I have had absolutely NO time to sit down and right a post. This is the 1st time since February that I haven't posted a weigh in on the weekend.

I have a few minutes to myself, between the above mentioned plus working full time, cooking, making lunches, doing dishes etc, etc, etc.

Ok so here it goes......

This week I had a 2 pound gain. BOOOOO I know, but I'm really not concerned as I have been running so much that I actually feel my legs getting firmer in spots...HELLO MUSCLE, YOU HAVE BEEN HIDING FOR A LONG TIME!!!!

Anyways I think that's where the little gain came biggie, but I need to kick my butt into gear so I can make my target of 225lbs by the end of the month. *see countdown top right of my blog*

As for my C25K, this is my last week!!!....I can't believe that I have been doing this for 8 weeks, and when I started I couldn't run for more than a minute at a time without my heart beating out of my chest.

Here is what this week (last one) looks like:

That's all for now my blogger friends....this week is gonna be all about completing C25K, water consumption and hitting my 225lbs......

Lots of Love!!!!
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  1. #1, your toe nail polish color is fab. Who makes it and what's the name??

    When I work out a LOT I notice the scale doesn't move as much as I'd like either. I always think- if I'm doing everything right then FFFFFFFF the scale!

    Keep it up girl!

  2. I agree, the color on the nails is super cute. I actually love it and want to marry it.

    Wow, on the running... just, wow! Kudos to you my dear!

    You will get to your goal, although it is September 19 so STEP YOUR GAME UP! :) Find my muscles while you're at it....

  3. Yeah! I had a GTL day today too. :)

    Eff that scale. If you know you are doing the right stuff, then screw what that bitch says. And hellooooo to sexy, toned legs. I say we all put the scale manufacturers out of business and stop buying those useless pieces of shit.

  4. I always find that muscle gain is confusing. You can't decide whether or not you're happy you've got the muscle, or unhappy that you've gained weight. But if you feel your legs getting stronger, that is always a plus. We ladies and our sensitive bones need strong legs for the granny years! And exercise does wonders for bone strengthening!

    I use Nike+ to track my runs. I haven't run around yet, as I'm in a totally new environment and haven't mapped an appropriate running route in Guelph, but I will soon!

    Did you go and get yourself properly fitted for runners? If so, where'd you go? I need to find a place that'll see what sort of shoe I need, e.g. for flat footed, high arches, or even just weird feet? My friend completely shredded a muscle in her calf training for a 25K because she used bad shoes (she was flat footed). Yikes.

    And congrats on being great with your running regime! It takes so much energy and will power to force yourself through a run, but I realize that once you start doing it, it's kind of a no-brainer afterwards! Building good habits!

  5. bonnie congrats on your couch to 5k. i remeber what it feels like ot be able to run for 30 minutes... i felt so amazing so i know exactly how you are feeling. it is such a great accomplishment! congrats on all of it. i just always felt better when i was running for some reason... and now i get to run in a cemetery hahaha. hopefully i can get back to where i was a month a go!

  6. Ummm, yes. What is that nail color and where can I get it?

    I have my first 5K in just a few weeks and I'm so excited! congrats to you on everything! (except the's a whore...don't listen to it)

  7. Ditto on the nail's fab!!

    You're doing great on the C25K...I just started it (but I'm doing it on the elliptical for now). Don't worry about the are doing everything right and it will catch up!

  8. Super jealy! I can barely run for 2 minutes. Ugh.

    I hope you find some time to do a long blog soon! :)

  9. I started the C25K over again, now that I have a treadmill at home! Congrats on making it so far!! Good luck on making your goal!

  10. Here, I thought I was going to be super original and say "OMG twin!! Love that turquoisy color on your toes!" but no...everyone and their besty had to comment on this blog about how cute your polish is. Ok yeah. Still cute. :)

    F that scale and those 2 pounds. You and I both know what a bad ass...dare I say hard muscle are! You are rocking your C25K and I cannot believe you're nearly complete. I'm midway right now. Gonna have to repeat week 4 but that's ok. I'm getting stronger each week.


  11. Just keep running..just keep running. Sorry a little finding nemo reference there!

  12. Hey hun, I know you've already had it but just wanted to let you know that there's an award waiting for you on my blog! :)



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