Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today's Horoscope

You may have been exercising too enthusiastically over the past few days, Pisces, and today you might wake up with more than your share of muscle aches and pains. You should keep exercising, but tone it down. Forget jogging and aerobics. Go for a little yoga or tai chi, which will enhance fitness with minimal strain. If you can, soak in a warm tub later.

Weird right???
A coincidence I think not....

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  1. That is seriously your horoscope today? I thought you were making it up to be funny!!! Ha! By all means, take an easy day today!

  2. Oh my gosh! I need to check my horoscope. Maybe it will tell me I need to go shopping or something. :)

    But seriously, hope you're not too sore from all your running.

  3. My horoscope told me to eat cupcakes and then curl up on the sofa to watch horror movies all day. Hmmmm....after seeing yours...I just might have to heed the advice from the universe.


  4. Awesome horoscope! Mine just so happens to say: Lay on the couch all day and eat chocolate while watching General Hospital. :)
    I found you via Beckstar's blog, and I'm Canadian too so I was all, "I'm checking her out!" Glad I did! Nice to meet you!

  5. Where can I find my "take it easy... do some yoga" horoscope?!

  6. Hey, there is a blog award waiting for you on my page!

  7. HA! Is your C25K day Weds? Did I mention I'm repeating week 3? perhaps my horoscope will tell me to take another cruise. *grin*


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