Friday, September 16, 2011

Scrubbing Bubbles

Being a BzzAgent I was sent the new Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Cleaner to test out and review.

How does this product work you ask?

It's actually pretty simple. You install a refill can of cleaner into a base on the floor beside the toilet. The base is connected to a 360-degree action sprayer that clips to the toilet bowl rim. You step on a pedal on the base for one second and this releases powerful cleaner out of the sprayer into the entire toilet bowl (even under the rim). When used twice a day, the cleaner will keep the toilet clean and fresh.

Scrubbing Bubbles is also offering Canadians a chance to win $5000 if you head on over to Facebook and click "like" on their page. Click here to get started.

Now here is my "official opinion" on this product.....

Does it do what it's supposed to? Absolutely, this product has kept my toilet bowl sparkling clean with a fresh scent.

Is it convenient and saves time? It is definitely convenient especially when there is company coming over and I want a quick refresh on the toilet. Time wise though I find that I still have to clean the rest of the toilet anyways so cleaning the bowl at the same time only really takes an extra few minutes. Remember this product only cleans the bowl nothing else.

Is it visually pleasing? This is a huge thing for me as I like to keep the clutter to a minimum and I don't really like to see products at work. This is the products downfall. I really don't like seeing the canister, step, cord, and the actually product itself in the toilet bowl. The fact that it stays out all the time makes me think of those public urinal cleaners that are on the walls.

Sorry Scrubbing Bubbles. I know you meant well with this product. It keeps the toilet clean, but the visual side of it isn't worth it for me to give up cleaning the toilet bowl.

Final Thought.....

"Your just FLUSHING money down the toilet"

Remember this is MY personal opinion and you never know you just might love the product. I received coupons as well (half off) for both the product and refills. If your Canadian and interested in trying out the product leave a comment with your email and I will be in touch with you.

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  1. Yeah! I saw a commercial for this the other day and thought "hmm." I'm with you -- I wouldn't want to see the thing. I mean, if it cleaned the seat and the bowl...maybe. But since it's just the bowl, then there is still cleaning to be done.

  2. Yeah, I appreciate your review, but the fact that I still have to wipe the top, sides, lid and seat anyway make me just stick with my standard cleaning of the bowl too. Thanks for the review!

  3. Good review and I'd probably feel exactly the same way.

  4. I'm for some reason OBSESSED with cleaning supplies. (so weird.. Lol) So thanks for sharing this! I don't think I'd be interested in it after your review. We already have too much shit around the bathroom, scale (need to chuck that B somewhere out of sight) and everything else!

  5. My kids would be all about messing with that thing...I have yet to find any bathroom gadget I appreciate more than elbow grease.


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