Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's T-Shirt Time


Hellooooooo Vacation. Yes that's right Dan & I are officially on vacation till September 12th. We are doing nothing but relaxing. Adam starts school on the 6th (Grade 1) so we will actually have some alone adult time during the day.

This weekend started off with a little dinner party I threw at the house for my husbands boss & wife. They are from Spain and don't really have anyone here so we thought it would be nice for them to get out of the house. Good food, great conversation, amazing wine....all in all it went off without a hitch!!! (not gonna lie I was a little was my first time meeting them)

Here is a little peek at what I put out to nibble on before the main dinner....

After they left I did a little cleaning then went to bed as I had to get up early to start baking. Yes not only do I look good but I can bake too!!!

I baked some Black Bottomed Muffins for a party that Dan and I would be attending that evening. These muffins ( I prefer to call them cupcakes) have a surprise inside consisting of a mixture of cream cheese and chocolate chips. My grandmother has been making these since I was little. I tweaked the recipe a bit (her's were always kinda dry....I know I'm going to hell for saying that) They were a HUGE hit at the party. Actually they were renamed as well. Everyone liked the "creamy surprise filling" inside and said we should call them Happy Ending Cupcakes......I of course fucking LOVED that's what I am calling them from now on!

This weekend is Labour Day and every year we attend a Labour Day party hosted by a great couple of women Trish & Teresa and co-hosted by my BFF's Jay & Dave. Each year there is a theme and this year's was "T-Shirt Time". Here was our contribution......and these were tame compared to some of the shirts that were there.

The party was a blast and I think I may actually still be drunk as I am writing this post. It's 10:30am on a Sunday morning and I am in bed sending you all my love....and my blood is fighting to get rid of the copious amounts of Gin & Tonic in it. It was sooooo worth it though.....I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!!!!

I also want to give a shout out to my DADDY who's 61st Birthday is tomorrow.....Love You XOXOX

OK peeps now onto my weigh in.....

What a way to start off September....I lost 2.8 lbs this week for a total loss of 53.2 lbs. Do you know what this means???? It means......

Yes that's more 30's anything on my scale...ever...(I hope, I'm on vaca this week ;) )

and just to see how much 53.2 lbs is, here is my famous fish pic!!!

Basically my plan is to stay on track even though I'm on vacation, drink lots of water (like always), complete my 3 days of my ab workout and also complete Week 6 of my C25K. At this rate I'm definitely going to meet my next goal of 225lbs by the end of the month.
"George" (or TOM as some of you like to call it) is supposed to be visiting this week, so hopefully that doesn't screw anything up. Here is what tomorrow looks like for my C25K....

For those of you celebrating our last ditch effort of summer with the Labour Day Holiday.....have fun and be safe. Canadian kids start back to school on Tuesday (yippie!!!) so this is their last warm holiday!!!

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!
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  1. Why the crap am I no longer getting your updates?? :0( I'll have to figure this out because I just thought you hadnt been posting in a while... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcake name 'happy ending' lol congrats on losing and enjoy your vacation missy!!!

  2. OMG, so much to say about this post.

    1. Happy ending cupcakes -- YESSSS!
    2. Gin & tonic -- my fave. (I was going to have one with my dinner last night. But the Indian restaurant didn't have any gin. WTF?)
    3. T-shirt time -- awesome theme. Love you "guyses" t-shirts! haha
    4. Buh-bye 230's!
    5. I love to bake too. But sadly, do not due it due to dieting restrictions. :(

    Enjoy a glorious vacation (and some adult time) with your hubby.

  3. I'm tempted to just quote Rachellabelles post!!

    What a fun weekend.

  4. LOVIN the shirts. What a great idea! Gin and tonic: blek! lol! Lookin great, keep up the good work! Oh, and crackin up over the happy ending cupcakes...

  5. Ooh, yes. Recipe please! Unless it's a secret family recipe and we're not allowed. O:)

    You look fabulous, and congrats on 220's! It is a magical time! :)

  6. Woop woop you looking sexy mama! And I nearly had a happy ending looking at your cupcakes.

    Enjoy your sunday. It's 8:50 Monday morning here & I'm just starting work. Awesome.


  7. I would LOVE the recipe for happy Ending Cupcakes! Congrats on hitting the 220s!!!!

  8. i want. no i NEED a recipe for happy ending cupcakes!!!! don't deny me woman!

  9. t-shirt theme is awesome!!! I'm gonna have to steal that idea! That couch to 25k program looks awesome. is there a specific one you use? I see a lot of them on my android market.

  10. Hi friend... do you have unique tshirt to enjoy vacation ?


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