Sunday, September 25, 2011

Next Stop Onederland!!!

I don't know where to begin as I have a lot to

First off.....

Yes that's right. 9 weeks later, with lots of sweat & hard work, I have finally completed my first major challenge. I have decided though that I think what I am going to start doing now is intervals on my treadmill with various inclines to make it harder. I prefer this much more than running for an extended period of time.

My next challenge is Shrinkvivor.

Yesterday they posted the teams. I am on Team Blue (love blue, the only one better would have been We are working on a team name as well so if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.....the word "Blue" must be in the title......

My suggestion was Blue Beavers.....hahahahahah

....but we ended up going with the "Blueberry Muffin Tops"

I am with a group of 6 women and we are out to play this hard. Some of these ladies have blogs so I am going to give them some recognition by a link......

Rebecca @ Rebecca Runs

I will definitely keep you guys posted on my weekly challenges and who get's voted off etc, weigh in's are on Wednesday's so that means that I have to weigh in twice a week. Once for them, and once for me....

On to the weigh in. 

Well ok it was actually 225.8lbs but come on....I am not splitting hairs here. The scale said 225 something so that's good enough for me. I finally reached my next goal by losing a total of 5lbs this week. Running does wonders let me tell

Guess I will set my next goal for Onederland. That's right next stop is 199 lbs which puts me in the glorious land of One!!!!!! I am hoping to get there by Dec 31st.

I also sent in my last weigh in for the B.O.O.B.S challenge I have participated in since the beginning of July. They aren't announcing the winners till next weekend in Chicago, but I think I won in my category....Fingers Crossed!!!

Well that's it for this week.....I'm going to keep up my workouts, healthy eating and water consumption. I am thinking of maybe starting to incorporate some weights as well. This is something I am definitely going to look into. I have a gym membership so I might as well start putting it to good use.
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  1. AMAZING! congrats Bonnie! you must be sooooo happy!

  2. Great job Bonnie! I know of a gym that has an amazing new manager! ;) she would love to see you get in there and lift some weights! Keep up the good work and you will be in the 100's in no time! <3

  3. Whoa, nice big loss this week! You're right, the Blue team is in it to win it!

  4. So very very proud of you Twin. Congrats on your C25K goal! I'm honestly struggling. I'm repeating week 4, as mentioned and I got the first half down. I got the 3 m, 90 s, 5 m, 2.5 m part. Then for the second half, I try the 3 m again and I get to about 2 before I'm about to pass out. Then I walk it, then I try the 5 again and I get to about 3.5 and feel like I'm going to fall out. I'm just going to keep working at it. I know it's not supposed to be easy. Wish me luck.

    Also - congrats on your 225! So very excited for you. Onederland is in your sights!!

  5. I hope you won, that would be awesome! :)

  6. You are well on your way to Onederland. How awesome! congrats on the c25k challenge, you really kind of rock! :)

  7. Congrats on the c25k accomplishment! I love that program, but I also don't like to run so I didn't keep up with it and switched my routines up. I so wish I knew about the shrinkvivor, I love the idea of having a team to hold you responsible and keep you motivated. No worries though, I will just live through you, ha.

  8. WOOHOO~~~ 225!!! Where's that piercing or tattoo at now?! lol.

    Yay on completing C25k! I'm starting week 3 today... I havent even looked to see what it is I have to do yet. lol.

    I'm on team WHITE!!! We havent got a name yet though i suggested the great white sharks or the white tigers or something. lol.

    looking forward to starting shrinkvivor!!

  9. I love the term Onederland. Who ever came up with that should've copyright'ed it.

  10. Good job! Shrinkvivor sounds like fun!!

  11. 5lbs??? Oh lord, don't tell me that's what I need to do to start making this chub disappear at a faster rate.

    Congratulations on kicking ass! I know you're going to kill it in Shrinkivor. :)

  12. Yay!! Congrats on the big loss - that's amazing!!!

    I liked the Blue Beavers name ... but I like the Muffin Tops too!

  13. That is ridiculously awesome that you finished C25K! The lbs melted off with all that sweat! Next stop Onederland, choo choo. :)


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