Monday, September 5, 2011

Mental Monday's


First off for all the bloggers that were begging me for my "Happy Ending Cupcake" here...Your Welcome!!!

I know, I know.....I haven't did a Mental Monday's post in awhile. It's hard takes a lot of time to be creative, and frankly I don't have lots of it. Between work, family, chores etc. I don't have "hours" to sit and work on it. I'm sorry I have been slacking and I promise to try harder. Alas I have this Monday off due to "Labour Day" and also my vacation....So here you go......

Welcome to my weekly blog installment called Mental Monday's. A day for me to bitch about something without putting it into my regular posts. You are warned. These posts I don't hold back, and sometimes involves a lot of swearing.

This week I would like to take a look at how some people resemble animals. I truly believe there is an animal out there for everyone. I found these during my searches and I wanted to share them with you.

1.  James Hetfield (lead singer of Metallica) & The Cowardly Lion - Why any man would let himself get this run down looking I don't know. James has since cut his hair short, and looks less feminine. As for him being a coward, he sings heavy metal & yells/spits a lot at his concerts. I think he has that under control.

2. Tina Turner & Chow Chow - Now this girl can SANGGGGG, but the list of wigs is never ending. You think that having that kind of money would guarantee you a top notch stylist. Come on Tina, time to trade in the shag.....this ain't NUT BUSH anymore

3. Prince & Miniature Pincher - Oh Prince, you will always be my Diamonds & Pearls man but come be looking a bit femmie with that shirt. The muscles make you look more manly but not enough to become a doberman. You can settle for a ride in my Louis Vuitton dog carrier. Cute & Petite.

4. Hitler & Cat - Comparing Hitler to a cat would be like comparing Osama Bin Laden to a rabbit. These  fucktards are definitely not cute and/or cuddly. Alas this cat was "not blessed" with a Hitler 'stache, and comb over. Donald Trump could take a few tips from the cat though as he's rocking it

5. Wilfred Brimley & Cat - I personally think this cat looks mean as hell and I wouldn't want to mess with it, I would rather get into a fight with Wilfred. Either way whomever I'm fighting I am sooooo pulling on the moustache...

6. Dog the Bounty Hunter & Lion - King of the jungle my ass. Dog is gross, his wife is gross, his show is retarted. Why do people watch this shit? I wish that lion would eat him. Now THAT would make great tv!

7. Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) & Elephant Seal - Maybe Mark could take some of his billions and fix himself up. He sure is fugly. Now he never will know if the women are with him for his looks or his money.....I'm gonna take a leap here and say?????

8. Taylor Lautner & Llama - Boy am I gonna get yelled at for this pic. Yes ladies I KNOW he is in Twilight, and I KNOW he's a werewolf, and I KNOW you can do laundry on his 10 pack abs....but isn't he sooooo cute & cuddly just like the llama???

9. Josh Hartnett & Golden Retriever - Here boy, come on....mama's got a treat for roll over and let me scratch your belly.....yesssssss mama know's you like it. Josh can sleep at the end of my bed any day.

10. Ludacris & Camel - This is too perfect, even in one of his songs "Hip Hop Quotables" he says he's as hot as a camel's ass. Yes Ludacris, Yes you are......

11. Julia Stiles & Pitbull - I hate this actress (she ruined Dexter for me, so glad she's gone) so I am happy to compare her to a dog. She likes to play the tough parts and have people scared of her, but deep down she's probably a softy who enjoys laying in the sun licking herself.

12. Jon Heder & Beaver - The only thing these two have in common besides their 2 front teeth is that they both enjoy other beavers.

13. Jack Black & French Bulldog - Being funny & having money will only get you so far Jack.......haveeeee you met Julia Stiles????

14. Me & Leopard - Sexy eyes, spots & a glare that will kill....well enough about me, the leopard is pretty cute too I guess

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  1. I love Taylor Lautner. But I definitely see the resemblance. Definitely. And, sometimes, when I'm watching the movies with him in the dark...I look at his nose and think, "Wow...he's got a really big a shark." And then I think about how he was once "Shark Boy" in some dumb, flaky movie.

    And then I forget about that stuff and think about how hot he is.

  2. LMAO! I never noticed that the Metallica guy looks like the cowardly lion! Thanks for that. now that's all I'm going to think of when I see him! hee hee hee

  3. all of these made me LOL .. except the josh hartnett... his hotness blinds me to see anything other than Josh hartnett... though taylor lautners pretty hot I also see that resemblance LOL and thanks for posting the recipe.. i was too sissy to ask for it cuz i figured if you wanted to share it, you would.. and if you wanted to keep it secret, it could be used as leverage.. bwahaha... mmm cupcakes

  4. HA! These are great! The last one is my favorite. :)

  5. LMFAO @ #8. I totally see it. I know he's supposed to be cute, but I like my men a little fatter.

  6. Thank you for making me laugh on this shithouse Tuesday morning where I want to go on a stabbing spree.

    You may have just unintentionally stopped me from commiting a crime.

    You are a sexy leopard! I am a lion. I reckon we would own the jungle if we lived in it together


  7. Haha awesome!
    I actually really liked the you/tiger one!
    And of course I'll be posting pics of the new house once were settled in!

  8. I think this is awesome! I laughed the whole way through. The last one was, genius!

  9. I've had a crush on James Hetfield since I saw the Enter Sandman video when I was like, 7. Love him.

  10. The llama face made me crack up laughing. And yes, you resemble my favourite animal!

  11. i agree Llama is the BEST!!! Perfect perfect perfect!!!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs! I love your comparisons - most of them are right on, but I have to give love to Taylor Lautner. (I'm not a Twilight fan, I just think he's mad hot. lol)

    Let me know how the meatballs turn out if you end up trying them out!

  13. The Prince/mini pincher had me saying "holy shit balls". All of the comparisions made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that!

  14. LOL oh my goodness, that was hilarious!!

  15. The Wilford Brimley one cracked me up. I got your comment on my blog and was so shocked to see someone else local blogging. I don't run in to many. So was very cool. Had to come over and say hello and stalk you a little bit. Lol! I keep looking at your pics thinking "do I know her". Your progress is amazing and you are one brave girl. I am very impressed. Look forward to reading regularly now that I found your blogs.

  16. oh god julia stiles in one of my favorite actresses but i've only seen seasons 1 and 2 of dexter so far. omg omg omg im freaking out to find out she's gonna be in it at some point! but now im sad to have that spoiler that she wont be there long.


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