Sunday, July 31, 2011

Night Away From Home.....

This weekend has been pretty's officially the start of my vacation. I'm off till August 7th, but sad to say that my hubby isn't. I'm sure I will make the best of it though ;)

My mother-in-law took Adam overnight on Friday so Dan and I could paint the

My wonderful father hooked us up with concert tickets & a night in a luxury suite at the casino.

Sooooo that night Dan & I went to see "The Tea Party" in concert at Caesars Windsor & spent the night in a room with an amazing view of the Detroit Skyline.

Our luxury suite, where all the magic happens ;)
View of the Detroit skyline from our window
My hot shoes for the night....
My hot man for the
Jeff Martin of The Tea Party
If that wasn't a great start to a vacation I don't know what is.....

I would also like to report another week of a loss for me in the "fat" department. I guess I can now say I am officially in the 230's and not just squeaking by. My weigh in this morning is 237.6 lbs. That is 1.4 lbs down from last week. Not a ton but I will definitely take it!!!

Today is also a start day in a "Slim Fast Challenge" that I am competing in over at A Mama's Goals. It's just a small 2 week challenge that I want to complete just to maybe help me to overcome this plateau that I have been in for a while. I figured I would change it up just for a short period of time to get my body interested again.

If your interested in joining it as well just send your name and a scale weigh in pic for today to her email.

I thought it was time for me to post my measurements as it has been over a month since I have done so.
So here we

Current Weight: 237.6 lbs (-45.4lbs)

Chest: 41" (8")
Waist: 38" (7")
Hips: 51" (5.5")
Left Bicep: 15" (2.5")
Right Bicep: 14.5" (2.5")
Left Thigh: 30" (4.5")
Right Thigh: 30" (4.5")

Grand Total: 34.5" lost
*grand total for each in parenthesis*

In a previous post I put a picture of a fish that shows the amount in pounds that I have lost. I think I will continue this trend because I like to see my progress.

Here's to one day posting a picture of a shark!!!!!

Here is what a loss of 45.4 lbs looks like.....

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!


  1. I'm so happy for you. Looks like you had a great weekend, super cute shoes. I can't wait until I can wear some kick ass heels - wow, I bet you rocked them well. Congrats on the loss and being inthe 230s, I'm so freakin' jealous. Ok, ok, - maybe I should say... inspired!

  2. I die for your shoes!!! It's it sooo great to see a smaller number in that second digit place. Btw, gorgeous hotel suite.

  3. Well done on the weight loss!! You are doing so awesome!!! What a fantastic weekend you had - and i totally love your shoes!

    Great weight loss comparison too - isn't it amazing when you see a visual like that?!! Keep up the great work, girl!!

  4. Your shoes are awesome! Congrats on the loss, and enjoy your vacation!

  5. sweet deal on keeping up the lossage... but OMG give me your shoes!

  6. OMG I love those shoes! That is a great picture of you and your husband. I love the fish picture, that is a lot of weight to lose, way to go! Awesome job with the weight loss too. Have a great vacation, I have one more night of work then I am off for vacation too! :)

  7. I will agree with all of the above - GREAT SHOES!!! Also great pic of you and your husband. You guys are a very cute couple. :)

    hooray for vacation! I don't know what this is like, but I vaguely remember they are awesome. LOL

  8. Great job on the weight loss! Love the shoes too, super cute!

  9. You are so cute! Happy VACATION! Nothing like some R&R, eh?

    Love those shoes, btw.


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