Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well Hello 230's.....

First off, if you haven't had a chance to enter into the draw for my "First Ever Giveaway, you better get your butt in gear, because it's only on for a week. You can read the post by clicking here.

Me Rockin' the Bondi Band in the Jeep!!!
OK great. Now that, that's out of the way I can get to the part where I talk about

HELLOOOOOOOOO 230's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know, welcome to Bonnie's world, where everything is loud and obnoxious......

Sorry I can't help it, I cannot remember the last time I seen a 30 anything on my scale. So what if I just squeaked by, it still counts in my book (which is law btw). Here is the picture


Was it water weight....probably, but I will take what I can get. After all I did bust my ass this week. So I lost a total of 8.6 lbs this week, but I'm really only looking at it as a 0.4 lbs loss, from my lowest weight of 240 lbs. I think that's fair.

Now speaking about this week, I am going to share some pics with you.

Starting the list will be the storm of 2011 for us, it was pretty serious. I thought for sure we were gonna have a tornado. The sky was orange/red, it was really weird. The power went out for over 6 hours.

During this time my son decided he wanted to pull out his first tooth. He proceeded to do so with a flashlight aimed at his face. We then had to scramble to get money for the tooth fairy as we had no cash on us, the power was out in the city so all the ATM's were down, and no offence but I wasn't leaving the house in search of money during a tornado. We managed to get $10 but I really wanted to give him $20 for his first tooth.
After we tucked Adam into bed, Dan and I went and cracked a bottle of Pinot, grabbed some lawn chairs and sat in the garage to watch the storm.....Pretty daring aren't we?

First Tooth. July 2nd, 2011.....picture by
Red Sky's at night Sailor's Delight.....
Looking across the Detroit River
Lighting lit up the sky for this pic in my backyard.
Look at the cloud over my house.....Scary!
Next on the list would be water day.....Since we don't have a pool and it was super hot outside we thought it would be fun to get out the sprinkler, fill up some water balloons and get out the water guns.
Little did I know that the torpedo water balloons that we purchased "when filled" look like dog's penis'. You know when you look down and see the red thing out....Friends of mine call it lipstick....hahahahaha...sorry I am seriously laughing out loud as I am typing this.

The "lipstick" in all it's glory

Adam Relaxing.....
me edition bottles....xoxo
Continuing with this list would be POPCHIPS......Has anyone tried these??? Holy cow are they great, and low fat too!!!.....I grabbed a bag of Sour Cream & Onion and a bag of far my favourite are the BBQ, but the other was great too, even hubby liked them. I definitely recommend getting these if your a salt fanatic like I am......

And last but not least is Adam's swimming lessons. He started these on Monday and they are Mon-Fri for the whole month of July. We started him off with lessons at 3 months of age till he was about 2 1/2. Then something happened, but we aren't sure what. He was absolutely terrified to go near the water, and we had to pull him out of swimming. Well he just turned 6 so we thought we would try it again. So far so good!

Adam's nervous smile.....

That's about it....I just sent my first official weigh in for my challenge. Hopefully I am in the top few in my category.  If you don't know about the challenge you can read about it here.

This week is all about Water, Workouts & Weight loss....The 3 W's.....have a great week peeps!!!!!


  1. Congrats on the 230's!! $20 for a first tooth?! I had no idea the inflation was so great for the tooth fairy. My kids haven't lost any teeth yet, but I was thinking more like $1 each, lol.
    Those pictures of the red sky are AWESOME.

  2. Congrats! I never thought I'd cheer for the 230s either until i hit 253 lbs... the minute i entered 230s I was ecstatic! I keep hearing about those pop chips.. i'll have to check em out! glad to have found ur blog!

  3. Crazy weather! That red sky was scary. And $20 for a tooth? Are you insane? But Slim Katie is right: maybe there's inflation? lol. I remember getting $1 per tooth. $5 for the crazy one I had to have surgically removed. Don't get too used to the 230's. I'm sure you'll be skimming by that and hitting the 220's before you know it.

  4. OOh my Canada you is gettin all little & shit girl! Na seriously though that's awesome Bon x

  5. holy shit woman... i got a quarter for a tooth when i was a kid. i think if jett's lucky he might see a dollar, tops!

    but congrats on making it to the 230s!!! woot woot!

  6. Ok, I give this blog post 3 "Holy Shits" out of 3.

    1. You lost that much in a week? Amazeballs!

    2. You give $20 per tooth? Please adopt me. haha

    3. The sky looked like that for reals? Eeeeek!

  7. I am with everyone else on the $20 for a tooth. You are crazy. My kiddo got $5 gold dollars for her first one and $1 gold dollar for the others. (the gold dollar was a tooth fairy rumor started in her kindergarten class, the night she lost her tooth I had to run to the post office to get change for a $20 from the machine. lol the things we do for our kids)

    Congrats on the 230's you are rockin' it!!! You sure as hell keep me motivated!


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