Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dead & Bloated

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!

Little psychotic I know....

Look how happy I if I could only get the signed copy.

I used the song Dead & Bloated as the title of this blog post because it is probably one of my favourite STP songs (next to Wicked Garden) It also represents the time when Scott "couldn't find himself, didn't want to find himself, he became invisible."

So I started reading it at lunch break at work yesterday, and finished it at home last night. All I can say is WOW....Famous People are just as fucked up as us regular folk. Scott has been through some serious shit.

Here is a little tidbit of the book without giving it all away:

  • Scott has lost many loves of his life.....both of his brother's passed away, one at a young age that was hit by a car, and the other of heart disease (which I think was brought on by drugs.) He also lost both of his marriages to divorce.
  • His mother is an alcoholic
  • He was raped by a boy that he went to high school with.
  • He say's it's been 8 1/2 years since he's shot dope, and almost 3 years since he's done coke. (not really sure if I believe this as he was pretty messed up at the concert)
  • His first band was called "Soi-Disant" meaning "self style" in French
  • He is pro-choice. When in high school a girl he had gotten pregnant decided to have an abortion. He was heartbroken
  • STP turned down an opportunity to open for Aerosmith
  • STP was influenced by Duran Duran (in my top 10 fav bands of all time!)
  • The design of the second STP album Purple, came off a package of China White (heroin) Scott picked up in a seedy spot in LA

My favourite quote from the book was:
"I light candles. They calm me, center me, remind me of a time when God sat in the center of my heart. Not that He's ever disappeared. The candles bring Him back. I need to light them, everyday and every night."
All in all I thought the book was good, not great. It was a superfast read, and I really don't think Scott went into enough detail. The minute it was getting good, it dies down again. Not Dead & Not for Sale is almost like a teaser for a longer, more detailed autobiography. Maybe in the next 10 years he will decide to put out another......

I still love you Scott no matter what.....xoxoxoxo

This video was the first time Scott took, and was messed up on pills. He said it was, and to this day one of his greatest performances. (1992)

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  1. hey i just want to say STP=AWESOMETASTIC. i've never commented here before, but dude. stone temple pilots. YES. :D

    don't let your recent hospital trip get you down-- you are totally gorgeous and even though i don't know you i am so proud of you for the progress you have made so far! keep up the great work, and remember you are doing it to be healthy for your family, friends, and YOURSELF!

    xoxo jessi p.


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