Monday, May 23, 2011

Mental Monday's

Today is the 2nd instalment of my weekly posts called Mental Monday's. A day for me to bitch about something without putting it into my regular posts. You are warned. These posts I don't hold back, and sometimes involves a lot of swearing.

This week I would like to talk about Toning Shoes....

A cousin of my recently updated her status on Facebook regarding these shoes, and it brought up a shit storm of hatred on my part. These shoes are repulsive.

There are Reebok Easytone, Sketchers Shape-Ups, etc. Come on ladies.....WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING?????? you actually think these look good???? They don't even do what you think they are gonna do for your legs and ass.

I see you ladies walking around the mall in these and just look ridiculous.

Whoever designed the boot version should be shot....
The fact that someone so pretty as Kim Kardashian promotes these God awful shoes makes me think that she is definitely in it for the money, cause she sure ain't in it for looks. I guarentee you she doesn't wear these out.....not on your life.
I mean are we looking at the same shoe here? I would rather wear socks and sandals in public (and we all know that is a huge no no)

May I repeat...THESE DO NOT WORK (and they're ugly as shit) is an article on Newsweek if your interested

Thanks for listening Peeps!!!.....

Oh and Happy Victoria Day to all my fellow Canadian Followers....May the weather be great for camping, and the beer keg never run dry!!!!!


  1. I think those toning shoes are only just getting to Australia. But aren't they really just a designer prosthesis?

    Love a good rant.

  2. They make them for young girls, too. Like...12-year-old girls. It infuriates me!!!!

  3. Girl I think they're ridiculous. A lady that comes to my weight watchers meetings wears them. I ask myself, why for the love of jesus would you sabotage your first weigh in by wearing what can only be described as a wanky space boot that weigh about 100 pounds each. She probably doesn't even weigh much at all.
    Unless I was going to the moon in a spaceship you wouldn't catch me dead in them.

  4. Happy Victoria day to you too! I hope you had a lovely long weekend.

    I detest those toning shoes as well. Though, I must admit I do own a pair of FitFlops. Not for the rear toning they promise -- I have a bubble butt already -- but they are so luxuriously comfortable on your feet. AND they are amazing if you have back pain. Oh, and they make me taller. haha :)

  5. those are the ugliest boots in the world! I bought a pair when I was on my feet all night in a gas station and the only thing they did was well nothing they are as bad as crocs!


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