Monday, May 16, 2011

Mental Monday's

So I was thinking of creating a day to bitch about things to get off my chest, and to keep it from my weekly positive weigh in, and about life posts. I have decided to start a weekly post called Mental Monday's. I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to add your own bitching in the comment box.

Two Faced Diet Haters

I am so over the people that are trying to support me yet are sabotaging me at the same time.....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE....

We all know these people, friends, family, co-workers, people that say your doing amazing yet expect you to eat whatever cause it's "a special event" or "just this once" or "a little bit won't hurt."

YES IT WILL....why the hell are you being fake in supporting me?

Or there are the friends that say they want to diet with you, but then after a workout ask "you wanna go for a drink?" Are you fucking kidding me????

I am cutting these people out of my adventure. I need supporters not saboteurs.

My will power is still evolving and I need more time to fine tune it. I mean come on...I've only been doing this since February. I'm still technically a weight loss virgin.....I want to be the sluttiest weight loser that you have ever seen!!!

More bra & panty pictures need to be taken, that's what I think.....


  1. Totally agree with you about the so called 'supporters' who are actually haters! For people who are supposed to love you the most, they can sure do a lot of damage with their brand of support.

    No Mental Monday bitch from me yet, but it's still early :)

  2. I allow myself a LITTLE bit (a pretty small portion or a modified, healthier version) of something here or there on "special days" so that I don't feel deprived and go into a crazy binge on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to making my son's birthday cake in July and enjoying a slice of it (and then working out a little longer the day before, of, and after that little slice of cake). That's just what I'm doing with my "lifestyle change" to keep me in order for the next 50+ years.

    I do hate it though, when people kind of FORCE you into eating something that you don't want to eat or need to eat anytime and every time you see them. THAT is when I get irked. You know...the ones that push and push and push. I have someone like that in my life and I kind of get really mad and yell at her when she does that crap. Uggggh!

  3. saboteurs -- I like that word, only because it sounds sexy...not sexing when it comes to dieting though :)

    Good post.

  4. Amen sister friend! I recently blogged about the same damn thing. I am on your side. Those people can BITE it.

  5. I'm all about hating on haters!! People try & sabotage because they are experience an emotion called jealousy. Or what I like to call 'being a fuckwit'. One day soon we can all booty pop our sexy skinny asses in their faces. For now we wait. Our day of non cake eating smugness will come.

  6. P.S I really should check my spelling before I hit 'post comment'. FYI, I am not chinese & my english is the shizz.


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