Saturday, June 18, 2011

Results, Plateaus & George

First off I want to say Happy Father's Day Weekend to all my readers dad's, the dad's that read my blog, and of course my father, where there are not enough words to describe. I love you Daddy......

Sexy @ Sixty

I would also like to wish my husband Dan a Happy Father's Day too...he may not be my father, but he is one hell of one to our son. I couldn't have picked a better man to pro-create with!

Ok so now on to the results.......

Eureka!!!!.......the doctors finally figured out what the hell is wrong with me.

Turns out it wasn't my heart at all, it was my esophagus. I have a hiatal hernia.
Can it be fixed? Nope, I will always have it.
Can they perform surgery on it? Nope, it's too dangerous where it's at.
I have to take medication for it, and that's all. It will always be there, but at least I know what it is, and it's not my heart.

Now that, that has been settled I can get on with my life and hopefully treat these pains in my chest.

This week I have been consistent with my exercise, my water intake, and my eating. I think I have finally hit the dreaded plateau. I weigh myself everyday. I know some of you despise doing this, but it helps me to stay on track. My weight has fluctuated between 242 and 247 all week. It is driving me nuts.

I am still keeping my spirits up, and have a good attitude but GAWDDDD......this is annoying. I figured it was going to happen eventually, but maybe not so soon.

Tonight the hubby and I are going out for date night (in-laws have Adam overnight). We are going out to a steakhouse called The Keg for dinner, then who knows after that. What I do know is what I WON'T be doing....the mattress mambo. Damn "George" appeared last night and is putting a damper on my date. Going off the pill is tough. My body has no schedule anymore and just does what it wants. Does anyone else have this problem?

This week I have officially lost 1.4 lbs. I know it's not much, but it's the first loss in 2 weeks, so hopefully by next week I will FINALLY be in my 230's, and not retaining water due to my visitor George. YAYYYYYY for almost 2 lbs.....(insert happy but sarcasm voice here)

my feet look so

It has been awhile since I have posted my stats for inches lost so I figured I would throw it in today....

Current Weight: 241.2lbs (-41.8lbs)

Chest: 42" (7")
Waist: 39" (6")
Hips: 51" (5.5")
Left Bicep: 16" (1.5")
Right Bicep: 15" (2")
Left Thigh: 30" (4.5")
Right Thigh: 30" (4.5")

Grand Total: 31"
*grand total for each in parenthesis*

This week looks promising for me as I am determined to get into the 230's....I am going to break this plateau. I have one more week of work then I'm on vacation for 9 days. I am sooooo in need of a relaxing week. We have a Detroit Tigers Baseball game planned, and then Dan is going to see U2 in concert. Then we have the annual Fireworks show (biggest in North America) where over 1 million people show up. Can wait to post pics for you all!

Another thing I am looking forward to is my GIVEAWAY.....I have been in contact with a company, and they are sending me 2 of their amazing products. 1 for me to review & 1 for a giveaway.....Your just gonna have to wait and see what it is. As soon as I receive it I will announce the exciting!!!!!......give you a hint, it involves exercise and

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


  1. Your have so many gorgeous men in your life. But it only goes without saying because you are gorgeous girl!

    I'm thrilled to hear it's not your heart, but a hiatal hernia sounds kind of sucktacular. But, I hope it puts your mind to rest.

    Congratulations on your loss!! You and me both wanted to lose 2lbs this week. It's ok -- we'll get it next week! :)

  2. What an adorable baby! (The man, too of course)
    Is "George" your period? lol. Never heard that one before.
    I have to take birth control pills or I'm on it all the time. ALL THE TIME! It sucks balls. Ironic since I never have sex...
    Congrats on your ticker being just fine!

  3. I'm glad the problems were not your heart but the hiatal hernia is still worrying sounding.
    Now the men in your life....Dan and Dad...I'm sure are lovely men and certainly sounds like you have great relationships BUT....BUT Adam....he's gotto be the most gorgeous little man ever..that is a fabulous photo of him giggling, Isn't he delicious!
    ( Who is George?)

  4. Sorry Everyone, I shouldn't have assumed you would all get it....George is what I call my's the other man in my pants ;)

  5. Well I for one am glad you aren't dying. That's awesome mama!

    I went off the pill in July last year. I was getting adult acne & I thought I would experiment & see if this was a contributer. Turns out yes it was. But my 'George' stayed away until about February this year. It was nice not having to deal with it but worrying that it had gone into hibernation or I was starting the menopause early. It is back now but since I've been losing weight & excercising, it's psychitzo. Atleast I am still a woman. That eases my mind somewhat.

    Sounds like a fun week ahead in Canada Bon Bon.
    Have a fun date night girl! Tell Dan I said Happy Fathers Day & that I'm sorry his penis won't get any action tonight.



  6. Bonnie,
    Keep up the great great work!!!! Don't worry as much about the scale as how you feel. I found that once I did that and kept with the healthy eating the plateau moved. Its not a weight loss journey but a taking back your health journey!!!

  7. I had no idea you lived so close to me! At least I think you do, if you're going to a Tigers game :) I live about a half hour from Detroit.

  8. what a cute little boy!!!! Happy fathers day to your hubs! I know you will make it to the 230s! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Looking forward to your giveaway! Also, bondiband sent me an extra headband by mistake, its yours if you want it! Just shoot me an email


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