Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pick My Brain

Hi my fav peeps, I'm looking to start a new feature called "Pick my Brain: Q & A with Bonnie" and for this I need you as my readers to send me some questions that you would like answers to. It can be about anything, for real. I will not hold back. You can ask about my blog, weight loss, personal life etc. I get random questions from time to time in my comments sections, but I hardly ever answer them because how many people actually come back to the same post to see if I did. I think this is also a great way for you as my readers to see who I am as a real person, and not from the blog world. You may post any questions in the comment section below or email them to me. I am hoping to answer at least 2-3 a week depending on how many questions I receive.

Come on people Pick My Brain!!!!!!


  1. Hi...great idea
    You are obviously very motivated to make the life changes and do the diet the right way ( not too fast!) When you decided that this was THE TIME, what was it that got you going? As you say in earlier posts it took you 10 years to put the weight on...what made you decide...now is the time, was it one event, or a collection of things? I find other people's reasons inspiring

  2. Love this idea! Now I gotta think, think, think. Suddenly I feel a bit like winnie the pooh...


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