Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome Back Laptop

Well hello my fav readers!!!!......I'm finally on vacation for the next 9 days, so I just may have a bit more time to blog this week. (2 posts just today already!)

Not to mention that my 6 month old MacBook ($1600) crapped out on me (the hard drive broke) and I lost everything on my laptop. I was devastated, and yes I actually shed a tear. I had it repaired under warranty (hence this I also have it hooked up to the Apple Time Machine now so it is performing daily backups.

On to my week......

This week I worked. That's it.

Dan and I had a great date night last Saturday, then spent the day with the Dad's for Father's Day on the Sunday and that was it. I know my life is pretty boring sometimes. I did take some fab new pics of myself though on date

Where's the double chin?

Sexy Specs!

On the patio at The Keg (Detroit River in background) 
My "other" dinner guest

Caesars Windsor (Casino)

Punch Drunk Love

Musik Express....fav ride ever

Gilligan's Lemonade (only comes once a year)

Cherry's amazing

1st full body shot in forever

Drunk in the bathroom after date

This week on the weight loss "adventure" wasn't too bad. I drank a ton of water with my new Starbucks Clear Tumbler (I have a water bottle fetish, I spoke about it in an earlier blog) I also ate very well. I'm down this week, but not enough. I just can't seem to break this addiction to the 240's. I am right on the cusp people. There is noooooo way I'm not going to get into the 230's by next Saturday. 
7 more pounds till I get my rollerblades, not sure if I'm looking to forward to those though. Nothing worse than seeing a fat girl blading around the
Not that I really give a shit, if that's what it takes for me to lose some poundage then so be it!

My official weigh in for this week is 240.0 lbs. That's a 1.2 lbs loss from last week. I was naked when I weighed myself too....I tried so damn hard to even get 239.8....but to no avail. So there it is, in alllll it's glory. Say goodbye cause this is the last time that I will see a 240 anything on this scale!

Since I'm on vacation this week, I'm really going to try to work hard at my weight loss to see if I can make up for the last few shitty weeks. I only have a month and a bit left till my goal of 225.

Wish me luck people.....I think I'm gonna need

Till next week, here is to FINALLY getting into my 230's, having a nice relaxing week off of work, and enjoying my free time with my family!!!


  1. You are soo gonna get there! BEAUTIFUL single chin! LOL

  2. BONNIE you look so GREAT! I am so proud of you!!!!! Congrats on that sexy jaw line girl!!!!

  3. Omg you totally do NOT look like you weigh 240!!!!! I would have never guessed. You look fantastic. You should go look at my picture from 240's/250's and you will be like DAMN I look pretty friggen awesome! haha

    You will definitely get there though!! KEep up the great work!


  4. Wow your 40lbs looks AMAZING!!! My 40lbs looks like I need some more work LOL!!!! But I totally understand how you feel about getting out of the 240's I've been trying to get off 199 forever!!! UGH Hopefully tomorrow will be the day I make it :D

  5. Girl you look good!!! Looks like you enjoyed date night! No worries you will be getting those roller blades in no time! Keep it up!

  6. You look SOOO pretty for date night! Sounds like you guys had fun. I can't wait for you to see the 130's!

  7. OMG I would have wigged the fuck out if that giant mothra bug had landed on me.
    Bye, bye 240's..... Well done!

  8. You are looking great and the weight loss really shows
    Well done

  9. Beauty, I need me some of that cherry lemonade yo!

    Also I think your reclaimed chin & my reclamied chin should be friends?

    You look awesome Bon. Fuck the 240's. They will be nothing but a distant memory next weigh in.

    P.S Did I tell you I want some of that lemonade? And please tell Dave he looks hot in Lemon.

  10. You look absolutely smoking! Love your new sunglasses. They are perfect on you.

    Yes, say bye-bye 240s. I'm hoping I can say bye-bye to the 220s this week. I'll pray to the weight loss gods for both of us. ;)

  11. daYUM girl! lol.. 240??? no freaking way. you are looking hot hot hot! how tall are you? im 5'5 and don't look anywhere near that awesome at 211 right now. lol. im mad jealous! loving your single chin pics though! :)

    and i really want that cherry lemonade now too haha! but keep the bug away from me!!!

  12. LOVE the pictures! You and the hunky hubby make a cute pair. :) The 230s are yours, woman!


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