Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not the Greatest

This week wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't the worst either.

Let's start off with my weight loss, or should I say gain. I put on 0.4 lbs. Now I could probably go take a poop and I would be good, but it's still not a loss of at least 2 lbs. I wanted to at least hit the 230's.

I had some bad day's. Tuesday I had to get an Upper G.I done. This is basically an x-ray of my esophagus, abdomen and stomach. They make you drink this thick milky white stuff called barium while your getting the x-ray. It is HORRIBLE. Well I don't know if it was a reaction or not, but I had these terrible abdominal pains that brought me to my knees for 3 straight days, and I was so sick. I finally passed the stuff and have been ok since Friday.

Then on Thursday the granite finally was installed, and it looked beautiful. Unfortunately one section was measured wrong. They ended up coming back Friday night to rip it up, and they have to cut a whole new piece. That piece alone is worth $1700. Someone is getting

Here is some pics.....hope you like!

I have to say I slacked off on the June Boom this week because of my testing. So I'm gonna have to assume that is a big part of my little gain this week. I really wasn't eating the best either, so I can't really complain.

My goal for this week is a 5 lbs loss. Is it possible? Absolutely, I'm just gonna have to work hard at it. That will catch me up for this weeks gain. 225 here I come!
I also need to start drinking more water, as I think I'm a little lacking in that department as well. It has been super hot, but I really haven't been thirsty.

My blog hit 50 followers this week, and was really excited when I seen it. I'm going to have to have a giveaway!!!
I will find something cool and will let you know in a post in the next couple of days.....

So in my last post I had mentioned that I met a fellow blogger from New Zealand named Becky (I'm just a girl & I've had it up to here) She is hilarious, you need to read her shit...she is so crazy just like me, and we have decided that we are cosmic twins.
She also has more readers than me now, and I'm not happy about this
We decided to start sending each other shit in the mail that neither one of us has or tried before. For example she has never had a Twinkie, and I have never had a Tim Tam. I am gonna blog about this since I think it's an amazing idea. I'm almost finished getting her care package ready, then off it goes!!!

Until next week here's to finishing the stupid renovations (sooooo over it), getting into the 230's, and finding a great giveaway prize!!!


  1. The kitchen looks GREAT! That dark granite is really pretty im diggin it! LOL N don't feel too bad about the 0.4 gain, I've gained that exact number b4 and wanted to cry but I just kicked my own @$# in the gym for a week n lost 3 lbs the next week lol

  2. Hello it's bottom Becky here. You do know we don't have koala's & tasmainain devils in NZ? We have possums, hundreds of thousands of sheep & birds that can't fly. Australia, our big sister country has all the nasty shit like snakes, spiders & biting ants & bats. And sharks.

    I put on 300g last week/lost 100g this week. Not sure what the pound conversion is? It's all part of our journey babe. If every week was a good week it would be way too easy & not nearly as rewarding. You are doing awesome!!

    P.S Cap the granite guy. He is a knob.


  3. Bummer about the weigh-in, but it looks like you know what caused the little gain. I def see a big loss for you next week! You're a successful and determined weight loser. :) The kitchen looks AWESOME.

  4. Your kitchen looks great, I love the granite! I hope you aren't going to have to pay for their mistake in measuring that section out though...

    Barium is horrible! You did pretty well this week all things considered :)

  5. The kitchen looks awesome!! Sorry about the gain, but you're right--go poop and it'll vanish, haha.

    I hit 50 this week too, and was thinking about a giveaway as well... maybe some PB2 ;)

  6. Gorgeous kitchen!

    I love the idea of penpals. I haven't had one since I was in elementary school.

  7. Your kitchen looks gorgeous!. Don't worry about the 0.4 -- you're going to destroy it this week!

  8. WHOOO HOOO! Another Twi-Mom! YES! I'm not alone!


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