Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fell off the Wagon

This is probably the hardest post I have had to write since February since I have yet to "fall off the wagon" or relapse as some people like to call it. Well it's finally happened.

This week I was on vacation and I pretty much ate everything and anything I wanted. I could have ate well, and had the shitty stuff in moderation but I didn't. I had kettle corn, twix, reeses peanut butter cups, lots of carbs (potato salad, pasta salad) hot dogs on buns, fast food, ice cream sandwiches, bottle of name it, I ate it.

Do I feel guilty?
Hell ya I do.
Does it change anything?
Only what it says on the scale.

Yes I put on some weight this week and I'm definitely not happy about it. This doesn't change anything though, I just have to suck it up and get that extra weight off, and then get back on my adventure.
Hey at least it took me 4 months for this to happen and not right away. It could be worse.

I am not going to taint my blog with a horrible weigh in and pic, but to be honest with my readers it's about a 6lbs gain. That puts me back about 3 weeks worth of work. I'm sure most of it is water weight as I know for a fact I didn't eat THAT many calories. Still it is kinda shitty, but I did it to myself and I will take full responsibility for it.

Now that, that is out of the way let's get onto some happier topics, like what I did on my vacation with my family.

Detroit Tigers Game

Adam @ Soccer

Canada Day Parade

Those are just some of the highlights of the parade, but the funniest thing happened while I was there and I want to share it with you. If you are a regular reader of my blog you are familiar with my "Mental Monday" posts. Last Monday I posted about car eyelashes, and how I thought they were ridiculous. Well as I was sitting during the parade watching one of the floats go by, this random lady handed me this flyer:

I just about fell off my chair.....I was fucking dying, I was laughing so hard. I cannot believe this is in my city, and to boot there is new "crystal eyeliner" to accentuate your lashes that you can get.
This definitely had to be funniest moment I have had in a long time.

Anyways that's pretty much all I have for you guys this week. Time for me to get back on track and focused on this you all have a great holiday weekend, be safe, enjoy your time with your families and talk to ya Monday!!!!


  1. What an adorable boy! Those walking eyes in the parade kinda freaked me out.

  2. I think you look great in the pics you posted, so don't stress about a few pounds. You'll be back on the wagon and kicking ass in no time!

    Car eyelashes are retarded. I didn't think there could possibly be a more useless car accessory, but there it is.

  3. We discussed this very thing at Weight Watchers today: Lapse, Relapse, Collapse. The point is to not let one turn into the other. You've had a minor lapse. You're probably retaining water weight from the salty treats. You had a fling. Consider yourself flung and hop back on the wagon. I'll be waiting there for you. :)

  4. LOVE your attitude - you're so right, it's not about never falling, it's about picking yourself right back up!!!

  5. Bon you have done so mother flippin awesome so far. I understand the vacay munchies. You get so caught up in the novelty of not having to go to work every day that it's so easy to give yourself a holiday from the weight mission too.

    I totally get that! Just another part of the Journey. Don't stop, believin',do do do dooo do can't remember rest of lyrics because it's gayest song ever.


  6. Bonnie,

    We all fall off the wagon at some point and for some reason. How bad is it really to enjoy your food? How boring would life be without food we enjoy. That said, "moderation in all things" is not a bad way to go!

    I blogged this week about my 'bag of tricks' to keep me healthy, and included a link to your blog for others dealing with this issue. Your honesty is great and support is critical.

    Good luck!

    BTW those car eyelashes are positively odd.

  7. good job on keeping positive. its not how many times you fall, its how many times you get back up!! :)

    i just have to say... um WHAT the heck are those walking eyeballs? WHY????!! lol

  8. Vacations are tough on the diet! You seem to have the right attitude though!


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