Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aunt Sheila

My mom's sister Sheila is my Godmother. Might as well be my Fairy Godmother for all the support she has given me since my weight loss adventure started back in February. We live about 3 hours apart so we don't see each other very often, but she read's my blog faithfully and sends me emails of support.

Well my post yesterday was pretty "down in the dumps" as I have been having a rough go the last couple of weeks. Well I received an email from my Aunt that made me cry. I NEVER CRY. I wanted to share it with you because I believe it can support and motivate others as it has done for me.
Hope you don't mind Aunt you xoxoxo

Unknown AuthorYou don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there

Hi Bonnie: I’m sorry that you’re having such a bad time and feeling unmotivated, etc.

You can do this – you ARE doing this. 8 lbs is better than 40 lbs. Keep walking, keep trying to eat right, don’t drown in the “what’s happening to me this week”. Don’t stay there …. Swimming 101. Sometimes in life we have to hold on by our fingertips until the bad times go by. That’s what you need to do right now. Here’s my favourite quote to myself when things are going badly“this too shall pass”…….. it’s got me through some pretty rough storms.

Here’s the other thing I used to do when I didn’t want to run, etc. I would chant a little mantra to myself with every step. “I love X” (put name at the X – and sometimes even put yourself in!!). I have to admit I’ve also done it in reverse (I hate X) !! 

And when I felt I couldn’t even do THAT – I would just count each step 1 to 10. Start over 1 to 10. Start over 1 to 10 – until I got through my run….

You can do this Bonnie. Don’t let things get you down too much. And reward yourself more often right now. Reward yourself for getting that damn 8 lbs off and keeping it off for one week – make it relatively big. It might get you over the hump.

No tattoos though!

Love ya very much.

Aunt Sheila
AKA: "Elizabeth Lucky"


  1. I love that she tells you "no tattoos!" at the end. Too funny!

  2. How lovely. I had an Aunt Sheila too...mine died in 2000, and when I saw your post header....entitled Aunt Sheila I immediately thought of and for a minute could exactly picture my lovely Aunt Sheila and smiled very happily to remember the lovely lady she was. You too have a thoroughly lovely Aunt Sheila and aren't we so lucky to have them. Yours sounds like a complete treasure. Like my Aunt Sheila she gives warm and sensible loving advice. You will have to follow it. I'm with Aunt Sheila on the no tatoos advice! Thanks for bringing me my Aunt Sheila to mind today xx

  3. I like Aunt Sheila. Kick some ass woman.

  4. Your aunt is awesome! And she's not the only one that believes in you. :)

  5. wow thanks for sharing. i almost cried at this too until i saw no tattoos! haha then i just laughed. :)

    some perfect advice!

  6. Your Aunt Sheila sounds like the bomb digz girl! She sounds like she knows a thing or two about life.

    I'm feeling better today. Hope you do too!

    P.S ditto what poison said about the tattoos.

  7. Your Aunt Sheila must be a pretty amazing woman! I guess that runs in the family. :) My Aunt Sheila is my favorite aunt, too.


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