Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to Basics Challenge

BOOBS: Band of Outrageous Babes

So last Sunday I decided to join in a challenge. I like challenges, they hold me accountable, and I am VERY competitive so it just makes me want it that much more.

It was $10 to join in the challenge and there are 3 prizes to be won at the end. Hey you never know right?  I might not win, but if it only takes $10 bucks to keep me highly motivated I think that's a great trade off.

I had to send in picture proof of my weigh in on Sunday. I wasn't happy about this since I had gained 8 lbs since my last weigh I gained that in a week and a bit  I'll never know, but I am happy to say that as of this morning my un-official weight is down those 8 lbs.....I have been busting my butt this week to get rid of that.....

There are also supposed to be mini challenges posted throughout the competition, so I will keep you updated on those as well. The reward for completing those are going to be buttons for our blogs designed by Jenny.

I have worked hard all week to be able to send in a great weigh in on Sunday.....Wish Me Luck!!!!


  1. LUCK....LUCK....

    Congrats on the 8 lbs down.

  2. Good for you for shedding those 8lbs! I gained the same amount last week and thankfully shed them as well.

    I love reading your blog! Keep up the great work!

  3. Oh motivation--so cruel! But am excited for you! Challenges always get you revved up. Mini challenges are awesome... like little checkpoints in a video game, ha ha! Good luck!

  4. good luck hon!!!! i joined a weightloss competition on another blogger's site back in january that was supposed to last until april but actually got pusehd back until may. i ended up winning 2nd place for most weight loss during that time and am getting a $50 gift certificate to victoria's secret! haha. the prize is awesome, but the motivation was the whole reason i joined in the first place! it definitely kept me on track!

  5. I always find if it goes on quickly then it will come off quickly as well, one of the very few good things about gaining weight over a small amount of time! This challenge sounds awesome, how do I join in!?


  6. @ Lauren, there is a link under the challenge poster up top.....I believe registration is closed now though since last sunday, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have to go to the June posts though on the page.....good luck!

  7. Good luck! You can do it! Challenges and contests RULE! Nothing like a fire constantly burning under your bum to keep you GOING. :)

  8. There's nothing like a good ol' healthy competition! Good luck with the challenge and BTW I LOVEEEEE the color of your toes! lol

  9. Hi Bonnie!! So YOU'RE the one who KICKED my Ass in the first week of the challenge!!! I'm competitive too so watch out Gurlfriend!
    And thanks for the link love! :)


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